SFC:III - TYPHON PACT with bonus play is an 8 playable (9-race) 50 x 80 galactic conquest map, single player mod. This winner take all mod is currently the most comprehensive single-player experience for Starfleet Command III. The setting for this mod follows the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and the Hobus star collapse by Species 8472, resulting in the creation of the Typhon Pact by the Romulan Empire and its allies. SFC:III - MIRRORRORRIM is a 4 playable (9-race) 50 x 80 galactic conquest map, single player mod. With over 30 new ships/stations, new missions and embedded challenges, this hard hitting winner take all mod is sure to please. Featured races include the Sphere Builders from Star Trek: Enterprise, the Voth from Star Trek: Voyager and prizes to claim from the once powerful Iconian Empire. The Mirror Universe, follows the collapse of Terok Nor and the aftermath of a shattered universe.


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