Sevenheart is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~ Experience the story of Sevenheart in this epic journey.

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as promising as bones of ragnvald


Very interesting mod and worth of trying!

Jumbled mess... I had an entire review typed up and for some reason Moddb didn't save it, so I will make this short. Don't bother with this mod until the developer really puts out some massive updates and fixes.


great storyline



Really looking forward to this mod, looks like a really good project

Very intricate and immersive mod. Nice story line, good scenes. Haven't made it too far, but it's surprisingly stable so far.

I do not care it is 10/10 for me.

It's just one of those mods where you just have to play. Having a story line for a m&b warband mod is just what you need. GET THE MOD NOW!!!!!!!


Although being a beta it deserves a 10/10,why?
Well it has a conversation system,it really makes the world of calradia feel alive

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as promising as bones of ragnvald

May 26 2018 by paulo_rmn