"The mod, at its current state, is filled with bugs and incompleted features. I have done my best throughout the past 7 months or so, working on this alone, finish the project. And - as usual - ideas just fly all over me and my energy drains. So I decided I will release the project in its current form as the groundwork is done. Since I got other commitments, I thought I would release something than not releasing anything at all! So, the idea is: start small, make it grow. And no - I didn't quit the project and will be working to improve it.

I will need your help in the form of bug reports, ideas and to play Hope you enjoy my work."

So - meanwhile you are very welcome to hop in our discord server to help us and general chit-chat! -

 - Order RPG

 - Order RPG

(You will need version 1.173 and WSE to experience the mod in its fullest.)

Installation guide:

1 - ) Download mod and put the folder into modules directory.

2 - ) Download WSE and install it on your warband directory. (Preferrably a non-steam version.)

3 - ) Download this as well. Replace the .exe with the one in your game directory.

(It comes with the installation of WSE.)

4 - ) Play!

Sevenheart is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~

Enjoy the story of Sevenheart in this epic journey!


(You can check the detailed feature list here:

~ Main Storyline
Engage into a hand-crafted storyline of betrayal, blood & brotherhood with tons of dialogs, quests and battles! Make choices that will shape your adventure and the world of Calradia!

~ Rich Lore & Dynamic World
Travel through a land of history, events and legends! Everything you do now truly affects the world around you, even killing soldiers!

~ Orders & Companies
Meet a whole new Calradia where Orders & Companies exist! Create alliances, unite and stand against common foes! Shape the world of calradia from a whole new secret battlefield!

~ Battle System Mastered
Forget the Native! Fight against a competent AI, create ambushes, send saboteurs/assassins! In battlefield, equip yourself with unique order arsenal or master the art of war with many abilities!

~ New Quests & Adventures
Immerse yourself with new adventures and quests!

~ No Stone Unturned
Everything has been improved in this mod. Even drunks!

Current Contributors

Masterancza - 3D, Coding

Black-banner - Scene

Alex Worm - Music

cd5ssmffan - 3D / Voice-acting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to play Sevenheart?

A: Computer, Warband 1.173 and WSE.

Q: Why there are so many bugs?

A: Sevenheart is still in beta. I do my best to fix them with each new patch.

Q: "When I launch the mod an error appears saying "unable to open file comonres/ccoop_extra_ui_textures.brf"

A: You need to have warband 1.173

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

Here is our facebook page - throw us a follow to know more about our future projects!

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sh logo


Welcome to the first of our dev-blogs we will be sharing on a regular basis. Well, there is so much to talk about and it is our only first blog. We want to showcase lots of features and ideas that sit on our brainstorming list waiting their "turn" to be implemented. We are really excited to take new next steps to bring you a truly unique RPG of its own mood and design.


Thank you!

So - let's talk about a couple of important things. We do really appreciate the community over all around in our media appearences, we could get a few exposures already in a matter of weeks. We are specially delighted to see our discord community growing with more people, activity and eager to play the next version of our mod. Although, project is filled with less bugs from 0.1 to 0.4, and even lesser now with the incoming 0.5, there are still bugs. And - our community is doing just such a wonderful work reporting them all. So - thank you for your support and to those anyone wishing to talk with us, hop in the discord!

About the devblogs, we will follow a similar template to this one. As there are lots of features in Sevenheart at the moment, we want to showcase them in each blog seperately with hints of some additional content like new 3D or 2D designs, musics and scenery. Hope you enjoy!


~ Feature Showcase ~

Events sytem

Warband is known for his political and strategical aspects. Tournaments, border incidents, exiles, campaigns, feasts, quests, relationship system, family and so the list goes on.

However, we believe that it doesn't really live up to its full potential, or in other words; can be brought to a whole new level. We also don't want to make it "show up a menu, make player click and voila, event done". No, we made sure and are still making sure that these events are fully interactive that is chained to economies, war policies, soldiers with proper questlines and with consequences that reach all around the land.

Having said that, we began designing the events system from all the way back before 0.1 and this mechanic existed since the first versions of the game. Although - quite primitively. Before 0.7, we want to give you a truly dynamic, game-changing, immersive and refreshing events system. In order to do that, we categorized the events into sub topics like below;


~ Event Categories

Historical Events

These events happen only once and don't take player as a factor. They will happen on their own time and happen once. These events could vary from small political contests to an emergence of a whole new faction.

Reactive Events

Reactive events are designed to allow player to delve themselves into the kind of events that is not really game-changing, but they follow an aftermath or an ending of native events. In these kind of events, lords will take a triumph of walk in their towns or castle after returning from a campaign, a lady might betray his husband and marry another lord who wasn't in campaign at the time. They happen regularly and they take all world as a factor.

Natural Events

Obvious one. These events happen regularly and don't take anything as a factor. A bit random, to be fair. Although, a disease in a certain region can be deadly, it doesn't mean you won't have ways to heal yourself. An earthquake system is on the making, which will well tremble.

Armor designs

Lore Events

This is something we are really excited and so far made most of our work on for 0.5. We went through entire dialogs, strings and other text-related files to dig out every possible calradian lore into the surface to use as new content. So - there is a decent amount of calradian lore out there hidden between the texts. These events will happen once and but numerous in number and they are huge in content and mostly player-oriented.

Royalty Events

Royalty events are something of an unique breed we already did the groundwork for. These events happen regularly and require player interaction. These events are Hunger Games, Horse Race and Jousting tournaments as it stands at the moment.

Political Events

Political events are going to make their appearence in 0.5. These are one of the most important events as the politics sit in the heart of calradia. Some of these events will happen rarely and some only once, and will encourage player to interact. Civil wars and rebellions are some of the possible examples to these kind of events.

Single Events

This kind of events are minor. This can vary from a simple heart-attack to finding an item during your travels.

Regular Events

These events happen regularly and aren't related to player. Kind of events where Kingdom of Nords will declare a forgive act to bind all sea raiders to their army for a duration.

Here is a bit of other type of events we are developing/exploring at the moment, which we hope to unveil as soon as possible.

Sevenheart-related events

Outlaw events

Regional events

Religious events


Some of these events are already in-game and some are not. Don't forget to check changelogs as we release new versions!

Don't forget to follow us on our facebook page for our future projects!

Dreamy Folks is the team behind SevenheartDreamy Folk Facebook Page I Dreamy Folk Discord

No more world map delays!

No more world map delays!


NO MORE DELAYS! So - It has been a few days of constant bug-hunting, improvement and community management. We actually have a sweet community already...

Sevenheart VLOG #1 - AI Showcase

Sevenheart VLOG #1 - AI Showcase

News 2 comments

Here is the first of the video blog series we will be releasing. First video is about the new fighting AI we created.

We have a discord channel!

We have a discord channel!


We have a discord channel opened up if you wish to help us improve, report bugs and general chit-chat!




Here is the people who helped us bring this project alive! We couldn't do this without them contributions.

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Sevenheart Beta 0.5 - Full Install (Download this)

Sevenheart Beta 0.5 - Full Install (Download this)

Full Version 6 comments

This is the Sevenheart beta 0.5 and it is a full install. Fixed many many bugs, again. Added some new features, a few new locations. Implemented events...

Sevenheart Beta 0.4 - Full Install (Dont download)

Sevenheart Beta 0.4 - Full Install (Dont download)

Full Version 14 comments

This is the Sevenheart beta 0.4 and it is a full install. Fixed many many bugs (specially the autosave fix), added some new features, a few new locations...

Quick Fix (Don't download)

Quick Fix (Don't download)

Patch 6 comments

Some debug still remains that I used to fix the recent bugs. It is just a number to show amount of parties on world map. Replace this txt with the one...

Sevenheart Beta 0.3 (Don't download)

Sevenheart Beta 0.3 (Don't download)

Full Version 4 comments

This is the Sevenheart beta 0.3 and it is a full install. Fixed many many bugs (specially the 6th day crash), added some new features, a few new locations...

Quick Patch 2 - 29.4.18 (Don't download)

Quick Patch 2 - 29.4.18 (Don't download)


This doesn't fix the world map issue anymore - we found the real problem. Here - read the article about it: (You can still download and apply this ) Install...

Sevenheart Beta Patch 0.2 (Don't download)

Sevenheart Beta Patch 0.2 (Don't download)


Here is the latest patch that fixes TONS (50+) of bugs, improves features like two handed area damage and adds a few quests.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 182)

I know this is a pretty dumb question but could you explain to me what you mean by "Replace the .exe with the one in your game directory" I downloaded the WSE V4.6.1 and also the sevenheart file I put the sevenheart file into the modules folder and the WSE into the Warband folder but I don't get that last part.

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EfeKaracar Creator

Check the guide in OP.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

A rough idea for the event system (for your consideration :) ).

Lords which don't like each other could challenge each other to a duel.

Moreover, it would be nice to see quest where two lords have a grudge and they want to settle it with a duel of honor - you work as a messenger between them and may be asked to represent a lord in it if your relations with him are high enough.

It would also be great to see such challenges happen before battles - two lords fight themselves on the middle of the field while their armies are looking on it :).

Of course - just a rough idea, maybe you will find it interesting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EfeKaracar Creator

You know - just yesterday I was thinking of the same idea. I would need to shape the new politics concept a bit but I have a pretty solid idea about presenting duels as a way to solve noble disputes and conflicts. With or without player. It could be over a small gossip, honor, fief or a woman even.

I am thinking to work on it for next patch. Duels were pretty important part of medieval world, gotta bring it to the level that it really matters to duel someone.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

And the loser must hand over a fief is he has one or a certain number of troops from his army is he hasn't. The dueling lords could agree on what it will be beforehand.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EfeKaracar Creator

There could be a bargain, then. A system based on leverages. A lord would only accept the duel if it is fair or he is really pumped up. That would be based on troop personality system I have in place already.

An ambitious lord would be easier to bait into a duel than a more chivalrious one. And - a declaration is made beforehand that will determine the outcome for the winner. Although - a lord may not keep his promise if there are no witnesses watching the duel.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Exactly. So as a player you could pick your 'target' to duel against as a way of advancing yourself in the game faster (as long as you win the duel of course). It also gives you the chance to have a crack at some of the lords in the game who are just outright pricks all the time, giving you the chance to shut them up once & for all. Witnesses would probably need to be an essential factor though just to make everything 'official'. I suggested this idea to a modder a long time ago & they didn't run with it. If it's possible to do it please, please implement this idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
EfeKaracar Creator

Sure. It is medieval, it is in.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Incredible EfeKaracar...

From a rough idea to a new system in what...2 hours? And here i thought i cannot be impressed more by your work :).

And if we are at this - what are your plans for 0.6?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice one, that is freaking awesome. *does 2 cartwheels & a back flip* Good luck with it dude.

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