Seven Kingdoms is a free total conversion mod for Attila: Total War based on and inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones.

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We already know it's a ten


One of the best mods for Attila Total War. It brought more winter to my home than Norwegian weather did :D

Unique units, balanced gameplay and lack of bugs makes it truly remarkable for an Alpha release.


Nice mod with awesome quality is out, so happy to see one of my favourite fantasy stories in many formats.

Praise the seven, for they have granted us this mod!

A TV Show and book inspired Game of Thrones mod is something that I have always wanted for Total war since the release of Rome II, it didn't come until 3 years later when a group of like minded individuals felt that it needed to be made.

Despite being in alpha, the photorealistic characters is nothing like I've ever seen before in any Total war game and nor did I think it was entirely possible. I have followed this mod the day A Game of Ice And Fire first opened a Moddb page (that was not hyperbole), and continued when they combined with Seven Kingdoms. There's so much to do for just a currently very small mod (compared to Medieval), but the detail is something to be in awe for.

Those who have read the books or have seen the show can now relive the battles they imagined and the battles we saw. I have probably done the battle of the bastards 10-15 times since release, and a couple of coastal "blackwater" inspired battles for Stannis.

Even if the mod were to remain in this version, I would still have satisfied. Each to their own. I only hope to see a campaign addition to this mod. So far, I give this a 10/10 because the amount of effort put in to this and the version they've released thus far proves dedication compared to failed mods for this game and other games.


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Absolutely bloody fantastic


the ******* mod of the year

Its a ten.



If you ever dreamed of a true Total War game based in ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, this is it. From uniforms to unique heroes/villains such as Tywin Lannister and Jon Snow, everything is authentic from the series. Every single soldier/knight in a unit is beautiful. All key units from the series is present here.

It isn't a 10/10, it's a 20/10. Personal favorite mod. <3

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We already know it's a ten

Dec 2 2016 by Gimot