Series Resurrecta, or SerRes, is a FreeSpace Open mod based on a number of campaigns which were originally meant to be released as unofficial expansions to Inferno: Alliance Standalone. They have since become their own, independent mod, using the FreeSpace Port as a root.

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A sneak peek at some of the assets unique to the Adhara Coalition and the Regulus Syndicate, two Terran factions the player will get to interact within the next Series Resurrecta release.

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Development Blog
After the release of Shadows of the Great War, we are now proud to announce the creation of the official SerRes Development Blog, which will help you uncover what's next to come in Series Resurrecta. That's right, we are already working on the next release!

Nyctaeus' take on the Blog
Let's hear what the second in command of SerRes has to say on the newly launched blog. His post can also be found on the official Series Resurrecta forums.

I always wanted to have a dev blog and ModDB page such as this. This is the place where all of the updates regarding our upcoming projects set within SR will be posted, usually with some [fingers crossed] pretty pictures and a wall or two of text.

I'm Nyx, right? My job is to keep things shiny. So, I have several shiny things to show you!

I'm happy to announce that development of a third campaign set within Series Resurrecta is underway. Although we still work on improvements to Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah, we also have the mod pack required for the third instalment largely completed. Mobius begun ‘FREDding’ (FreeSpace speak for coding) M01, based on an old and unused concept design from 2008. In the meantime, I am assembling some cosmetic things which are not critical but certainly nice to have.

The title of the next campaign is classified, but for now, I will refer to this project as: Srdp.

I can officially reveal that the next campaign will feature several original factions. Some of them are canon, others are not. Some of them are Terran, others are not. The first two I can reveal are:

The Adhara Coalition - one of the major Terran blocks formed after the collapse of the GTA. The Player Character is a pilot in service of the Adhara Navy, onboard the ACD Uhuru.

The second faction is the Regulus Syndicate. As a small reminder, both are canon to the FreeSpace universe just like the Luyten New Alliance and the Antares Federation.

One of the staples of Series Resurrecta is a large and fancy modpack, featuring several, new, carefully picked classes of starships. Srdp is no different in this regard, and as your local provider of polygons covered in shiny bitmaps, I feel obliged to not disappoint you.

The Adhara Coalition
The Adharan fleet is based mostly on Fenris and Leviathan cruisers, and Orion destroyers. However, they have also introduced their unique corvette - the ACCv Midgard. The Midgard was developed by the Mirfak Fleet Yards as the Terran counterpart to project Sobek, commenced by the reformed Vasudan Empire. The GTA commissioned several prototypes of this revolutionary vessel, right before its eventual downfall and dissolution. Those vessels significantly contributed to the power of the Adhara Coalition, providing exceptional subspace agility, and due to a shortage of capital ships, they also provide the direly needed housing for fighters to secure unstable borders of Coalition space. They continue to do so to this day. Another new design is the Sigrun, the elite Adharan interceptor based on the Valkyrie. The Sigrun was designed to hunt pirates, outlaws and the Hammer of Light, all of whom were threatening the citizens and trade lines of the Coalition. The Sigrun continues to overwhelm its enemies by using its exceptional primary firepower (i.e. guns) and the power output of its next-generation engines.

Adhara Coalition Cruiser - Fenris class
As expected, the Coalition inherited several Fenris class cruisers from the now-defunct Galactic Terran Alliance. The Adhara Coalition retrofitted these cruisers with improved weaponry and systems, and also repainted their hulls to make them more easily distinguishable from similar cruisers used by other Terran blocs.

Adhara Coalition Destroyer - Orion class
The Orion destroyer, even after the end of the Great War, maintained its role as the primary asset for any Terran faction. The Adharas inherited a limited number of Orions in working condition, but also begun to build at least one destroyer of this class from scratch.

Adhara Coalition Corvette - Midgard class
Following the introduction into active service of the Vasudan Sobek corvette, the Adharas also developed and fielded a small number of corvettes, the Midgard class. This warship fills the gap between cruisers and destroyers and packs a massive punch, which can change the tide of a battle in the Coalition’s favor.

Adhara Coalition Fighter - Sigrun class
Using the aging Valkyrie design as a root, the Coalition developed a fast and deadly fighter, the Sigrun, which marks the beginning of a new generation of combat spacecraft. This extremely effective fighter, although not durable enough to counter larger assets such as warships, is the perfect tool for gaining space superiority.

The Regulus Syndicate
But while the AC inherited large resources, industry and science facilities, they are dwarfed by their neighbour in sheer fleet tonnage. Featuring an immense fleet of 5 Orion-class destroyers and countless cruisers, the Regulus Syndicate is one of the major Terran powers in the former GTA space. The Syndicate was mostly formed from former officers, crewmembers and soldiers of several GTA fleets, thus contributing many loyal hands to their cause and establishing their position as a military power. The RS inherited three star systems desolated by Shivans during the Great War. As a result, their economy is insufficient to support expansion or even provide enough resources to keep their large fleet in working condition. Additionally, they border the even more powerful Vasudan Empire. Life in RS-controlled space is hard, but the Syndicate is a proud nation with great dreams and high ambitions. They have introduced very few new technologies, the most significant of which is their unique Proteus-class heavy fighter. Instead of relying on new technologies, the RS relies on loyal and well-trained crews with years of experience. They use mostly Great War-era craft with dedication, believing that simple, reliable and trusted weapons are all they require to ensure their superiority.

Regulus Syndicate Cruiser - Fenris class
The Syndicate is no exception in adapting the surviving Fenris cruisers from the Great War to modern-day use. Although they're beginning to show their age, these cruisers are still expected to be the mainstay of Terran fleets for several decades to come.

Regulus Syndicate Destroyer - Orion class
The large Orions are the Syndicate’s premier warship class, the tools by which they maintain peace. Retrofitted and equipped with more efficient systems, RSD Orions are considered the most important assets of the Regulus Syndicate, and frequently participate in key operations.

Regulus Syndicate Fighter - Proteus class
The Syndicate combined the retrofit of old Great War designs with the development of entirely new ship classes. One such example is the Proteus, a fighter which can unleash swarms and swarms of missiles at slow-moving targets, effectively replacing bombers in combat environments where torpedoes could be intercepted by enemy defence barrages.


Nice models, waiting for the next assets.
Good Job!

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