Serenity Sabersystem for realistic combat with manual saberblock in sp and mp giving total control over your actions allows for a sabering experiance unparallel to any other.New animations and combat moves,new sound and saber effects brings jedi academy into the new millenium.

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Dec 14 2013 Anchor

The Serenity Jedi Engine is a small project I am doing on the side. SJE =Serenity Jedi Engine

The aim is to provide a new engine for modders to use ,replacing the normal JKA engine.

Well this engine has many more features animations and a new sabersystem .
Over 40 new animations and able to run multiple _humanoid folders simultaneously with a built in class system that is animation specific (Superbattledroid has its own animations etc,etc). Some examples are provided in SJE asset.pk3
It can run jedi outcast or jedi academy and most of the popular mods available.Script edits provided in SJE.

Many of the limitations of JKA have been increased to fit with modern modding .IE entities limit code rebuilt to play much more detailed maps.(Ever tried playing battle over coruscant map and got the max entities crash...fixed in SJE).
It has many many fixes that plagued the JKA engine.

It is used to power Evolution of Combat 2014 version soon to be released .

The point is this...

The engine comes with all the files ,assets required to run it and is only 47mb.The rest is up to you to add new effects,maps or use it to power your mod project.

The engine comes with full permission to alter anything you want in the files ,IE change the animations if you are an animator.

But must be credited in your readme files with "Contains SerenitySaberSystems".. Thats not too much to ask...?

The SDK for the Serenity Jedi Engine will be released with Evolution of Combat 2014 edition.

The Serenity Jedi Engine will come as part of the package with the new Evolution of Combat 2014 edition and SDK, Soon to be released.

Or if you cant wait until then and you are a modder working on a project or wishing to start a new project with a new engine then get it here now.

Ive updated the build.

SJE now contains even more bug fixes

Version 0.8 contains some animation fixes

you now have to press use to pick anything up,no longer automatic picks things up by walking on them.

Location Based dismemberment added

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Jan 28 2014 Anchor

Wooot! This. Is. Amazing.
I'm downloading to check this out and play around. i'm not a modder, but curiosity...

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Sep 13 2014 Anchor

Hello. I have a lot of interest in modding Jedi Academy, from 3d modeling and animation to coding, and understood that you must join a community to make the most in progress. OJP caught my eye, and I have learned that it evolved to EoC. I hope to make contact with the creators and just learn what can. If this was not the correct thread, I do apologize. Thank you.

Sep 15 2014 Anchor

Hi mate .
The mod is all but finished /tested/released...etc..etc.

I do some hobby coding now ,(Not Mod Coding).

Future projects currently in development/ Release planned for Dec 15 2015.To coincide with release of new film.

Mod as yet unnamed , built on unreleased version of "SerenityJediEngine Total Conversion"

The aim was to replace jedi academy files completely whilst adding Outcast Game to build .Completed in 2013 but never released

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May 16 2015 Anchor

Serenity you still working on JKA at all?

Dec 5 2015 Anchor

Get Ready for Dec 18...All is ready

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