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A recent change to Lucasfilm's Modder's EULA forced me to reconsider some things.

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Hello everyone,

The short and sweet horribly bitter of this (assuming it is legit) is that people can use any publicly released, Star Wars related, content without expression of consent from, or credit given to, it's creator.

I've already seen one example of a modder using models he was denied permission to use, citing that document, but his mod has now been deleted; whether by his own hand or the site's moderators I don't know.

It is my sincere hope that the community at large will still continue to ask permission before, and give credit after, using a content creator's assets, but I know that there will be a few lowlifes who do not.

My request to all right-thinking players, modders and fans of Star Wars games is to be on the lookout for those who do not acknowledge the hard work of people like Warb_Null who has spent countless hours on creating wonderful models for the EAW/FOC community.

If you see a mod that does not give credit to content creators - or worse, wrongly claims credit for something's creation - speak up; politely ask the person in question to acknowledge their mistake or, failing that, report it to a site moderator as well as the content creator if possible.

If too many people use people's content without permission, and without providing acknowledgement's of the content's source, I foresee a massive collapse of the Star Wars modding community.

As I said, I hope that enough people will continue to respect the old ways to ensure the communinty survives but, having said that, if the situation deteriorates rapidly, the next release of Secrets Of The Venator will probably be the last.

This is not so much a news item as a plea; Please, people of the Star Wars modding community, continue to respect those who volunteer so much of their time to bring you great content.



I don't really get Star Wars modders denying permission to use created free content as Disney actually own the IP rights on any work created. I do agree with giving credit where credits due however. So thanks to Disney for letting us still steal George Lucas ideas and concepts and thankful they don't deny us gamers permission to use them.

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Aye Aye Sir!

Me and my friends are already on the lookout for a constructive and comprehensive protection of original created content. :)

Seriously. I hope those 'evil' guys don't expect to destroy our modding community. Because they will get surprised by our resistance and the fair-play of (nearly) the whole Star Wars modding community.

You can already count on me.

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Good point and so long the OP is about the protection of original created content then I am all on board. NBC pulled the BSG mods under IP laws and a lot of gamers got so peed off at that. Any modder putting restrictions on IP they have no right too annoys me even further and thats what I am not onboard with.

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I don't know why people make such a fuss about this.

From the legal point of view that makes perfect sense.

Compare it to music.

Let's say someone makes a cover of, for example, The Beatles' 'Hey Jude'.

He can't release it as his song because he doesn't have any ownership over it whatsoever.

Now let's say someone else puts that cover in his non-commercial mod for background music.

Should someone credit the guy? -Probably.

Is he obliged to do so? -No, because the guy did nothing but made his own version of what Beatles originally created. The only one who someone is obliged to credit is The Beatles for creating the song.

The only difference between making music and making mods is that mods take a lot more time to finish, but the fact that someone spent so much time copying what Lucasarts originally created doesn't and shouldn't give him any ownership whatsoever.

If you make your own sci-fi universe with original lifeforms and planets and vessels..., you will have the ownership over that. But if you just copy someone else's work (in this case work of Lucasarts) you simply can't claim ownership!

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Garyn Dakari

I was about to post this same thing^^

So no, I don't have a problem with this news either, if I'm understanding it correctly. Yes, the general guideline of content creation and just the internet in general is Don't Be a ****, but it shouldn't be illegal to be one! Let the Mod Community moderate itself, honestly I can't think of any examples where I'd want corporate or government intervention or enforcement on a modding project...

So yeah, take a chill-pill guys and gals, and keep on modding.

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You sir speak the truth Lucasarts/lucasfilm now should get possible all the credit cause people are just taking lucafilms idea or lucasarts idea of a unit from star wars and are either taking said LA OR LF model or re-making their high or low poly version of it yeah sure you should put a nod to the person that made it.

But still giving all credits to lucasarts/luscafilm is where it should go cause they are the ones that spent the time coming up with said unit and not the person that remade it in 3ds max or maya or whatever, if you want something to be fully credited to you then come up with your own design or idea outside of star wars cause even making a ship that looks like it'd be in star wars or mashing 2 ships together from starwars and saying it's a new design and my idea still makings it LA and LFs not your's,

Yes credit people but it should always read unit was originally created by lucasfilm/lucasarts but was put into a reimagined 3d model by (whoever) the person that put the time into it should never get full credit.

People need to know just like halo anything that is made from star wars is not your's and will never be your's it's all MS's if it's halo and LA/LF if it's star wars and if you put the time into it and if someone wants to take it and use it without giving credits they can cause it doesn't belong to you, and when people say o if you don't give proper credit or i have permission to not allow you to use this or that they don't have permission only Lucasarts or lucasfilm have the permission not you.

So if you want something to be 100% your's then make something that is a band new idea and design not from one of the many copyrighted owned things out there.

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My mod was deleted because of some permissions to using models I have asked was denied. So I can't re-publish my mod anymore. Sorry. :/

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I don't see any point in prohibiting others from using your work as long as it's properly credited. Once it's been released to the world, it's inevitable if it's any good. BUT, there's no way in hell people should be allowed to just use it without some sort of acknowledgement. Just because your work may be derivative of another's doesn't make it any less YOUR work. To use an example, Warb_Null hasn't designed anything he's made, it's all derivative of previous work, but is anyone willing to dispute that he's put in hundreds of hours of labor into their rendition for Empire at War? It's not like we can plug in an ILM model into EAW here. Some people forget that.

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I still have a chance to re-publish my mod but not sure yet when I re-publish it.

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