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A quick update on a most eventful – yet at the same time uneventful – few weeks.

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Greetings all,

I'll get straight into it and say that I ain't got much of anything done over the last few weeks.
A couple of days after the last update, I dislocated my left shoulder.

I would like to tell you that it occurred during an epic battle between myself and a giant from Norse legend (It may have actually been several giants....when I was playing a heavily modded Age Of Mythology), or when I had a few quiet words to some a#*!hole who tried – but missed, thankfully – to glass his female companion at a pub me and some mates were at, celebrating a 21st.

In point of fact, it happened after both of those things, and somewhat more dramatically.

Drum role please........

I fell over.
Climbing through a fence.


My foot went out from under me and, having not fallen over recently and thus being out of practice, I did not roll gracefully, but made the mistake of throwing my hand out behind me.

After an agonising 20 minute drive along some of the bumpiest roads imaginable – which seemed impossibly smooth the day before – we got to the hospital, where they proceeded to give me some wicked-ass pain-killers.

For over an hour, the two female doctors they had on that time on a Saturday morning tried to lever it back in; I'm told it was quite a site, with my left arm draped over the back of a chair, with these two doctors pulling it every which way, and my not-physically un-powerful father on my other arm having to brace himself hard to stop these two from pulling me and the chair over.

It no longer hurt thanks to those drugs I mentioned, but it was distinctly disturbing having my arm pulled in directions that I knew SHOULD make it hurt, but instead just feeling the rotation of the ball against pectoral muscle.

They eventual called an ambulance to cart me to a bigger hospital where they could give me a general anaesthetic, and have an orthopaedic specialist put it back in.

Once I got there, I was under for about 10 minutes and they had it back in.

Since then, I've been stuck with my arm in a sling, and have about a week more to go – minimum – until I get to start physiotherapy.

Typing in this period has been somewhat difficult and, though I've easily stayed ahead of my Uni assignments, I've not really had the motivation to spend more hours typing one-handed to work on the mod.

I've also been unable (more unwilling than anything) to do any modelling work, owing to the complexity of rotating the camera in 3ds Max 9 without use of two hands.

So, nothing happened in regards to SOTV specifically, but there was

a big event in regards to EAW as a whole.

In case you missed it, Smallpox – creator of the EAW story creator and all-round EAW story tag genius – and Fregge created a small program to fix the bug variously known as the 'Unit Selection Bug', 'The Freeze', or the 'How did Petroglyph not notice this in testing?'.

Generally caused by GC games that have gone on for a long time – or have used a massive amount of units in a short time – it has been the bane of eager players for a long time.

Their thread with a link to the fix can be found here, with a thread with discussion of memory addresses and stuff here.

It is a momentous achievement, and one which will help to keep the community alive.

That's all for now folks, I'll hopefully be back at it in a week or so, and hope to have a pretty
picture or two to show you.



Sorry about your accident sir, and I hope that your recovery will be a swift one.

Having been an AOM / AOM-Titans player for many years, I can attest to the "giant(s) from Norse legend" bit; the fire giant is always my favorite after the Nidhogg. Perhpas when you are feeling better, we could discuss our favorite AOM experiences. Anyhow, good luck in life sir!

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