A mod for "Star Wars: Empire At War - Forces Of Corruption" that seeks to change some fundamental aspects of how the game is played and introduces an alternate timeline to the Star Wars universe - all while attempting to retain the essence of the game loved by so many.

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New texturing plan - Before and After
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Alright, seeing as you're open to feedback, I think you can easily improve some of these. It looks like you increased the contrast and decreased the brightness, which can be an improvement over the vanilla foc textures as those are mostly horrible. However, there's more that can be done.

First I'd say that an increase/decrease in contrast/brightness can be too much, like here, the imperial ships are suppose to look like shiney metal, making it too dark is killing that idea. A better way of achieving a dirty effect is getting a dirt layer on photoshop, you'll have to mess around with the layer settings but you can get a much better effect. Also, increasing model looks can be easily done by making a new (better) bump map, this can be easily done with the nvidea tool they released for the new photoshop, you should try that.

Last thing, ofcourse you can get a much better effect when you play around with the texture file a lot more, though that's going to take much longer than a simple contrast/brightness increase/decrease.

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The Ark Hammer is the Ship that Produces the Dark Troopers, and this Dark Version Perfcetly Matches with that.
Shining metal only makes sense on Star Destroyers.

Also: The Dirt would be a nice effect for the Rebels (since they don´t have much money) but for the Imperium it´s not sensefull in any way.

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@ seamus, yeah because space is perfectly empty right?...There's tons of debre floating in space and having a clean ship makes no sense at all, it's like it came right out of the factory, perhaps in the first hour the ship'd be clean but there's no way any ship ever will be perfectly clean of any sort of dirt. No starship ever is completely clean of anything, whether is rebel, imperial, pirate or even a space shuttel. What you're saying makes no sense sorry.

The argument over why it's dark does make some sense though.

@aus, you can do some pretty neat stuff with filters in photoshop with a simple mouse, having photoshop is a must-have though.

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ah Ok but it should be more like a very small layer of dust , dirt is just too heavy and would fly away every time you make a hyperspace jump.

I think many Scratches and a bit of dust would be nice.

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You all guys keep forgetin' about one thing - ship has some shields which keep it from harm (of course as long as the generator works, nad as long as they ain't broken)

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AUS_Doug Author

Thanks for the feedback mate; sometimes I think people are afraid of providing constructive criticism for fear of coming across as offensive.
I'm in the process of acquiring Photoshop at the moment, and have been for sometime.
Until then, I'm stuck with using GIMP. (And I can't for the life of me figure out how to do proper Bump maps with it.)
I've also got a drawing tablet on the way, which should hopefully allow me to do a bit more than just mess around with filters and stuff.

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Here we have some before (left) & after (right) shots of some ships that I have edited the skins of (I chose these because they are my favourites so far).

It is my opinion that *some* of the ships in EAW look like they are in an environment much brighter than space; in space the only light is that reflected off of stars - often from very far away.

As such, I think the ships should be much darker than they are presently.

At this stage you might be wondering about the Mon Cal Frigate I have posted; "what's with the colours?" (Or Colors)

In the Star Wars literature, Mon Cal ships are often unique from one another, each having their own variations on common shapes; it would seem that Mon Cal ships follow a very 'Natural' design (If the word natural can be applied to great hunks of metal that fly).

I think it follows that Mon Cals would not spoil the 'Natural' look of their ships by going and painting them in an almost uniform brown; rather they would let the natural colours of the metal in question suffice.

As a largely aquatic world, I picture the metals found on Mon Calamari to be full of 'earthly' colours; primarily blues and greens.

Anyway.......enjoy, and I would love some feedback.


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