This is total conversion mod based on source engine, genre is action-horror. You play as Serbian soldier veteran from 72 brigade, who fights against SAJ forces and infected creatures. Test version of this mod is released, download it on MixiSoft site. Full version will be released for a few days.

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I think this mod is better than the 4.2 average rating suggests. I especially liked the horror theme in the first part of the mod. The developers succeeded to keep the player in suspense with relatively simple means; the maps are quite simple, but it doesn't matter.
The action themes of the second part is not quite up to the first part, but it it not bad by any means.
I liked the fact that this is a relatively long mod and still it didn't repeat itself too much.
The story is not much to speak about, but this mod doesn't really need it.
All in all, a good and varied mod.



This mod is the terrible. There is no real story to it, the sounds and new controls are terrible, the AI is retarded, the weapons are unoriginal. The maps are terribly made with no environment other than chairs and tables placed in the middle of them.


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