Including Battlenet items, battlenet runewords, better but balanced droprate, better but balanced gambling chances, buyable runes (prices defined by rareness), doubled starting statpoints, easy un-/install, full D2SE modmanager support, infinite and character shared stash, more unique monsters, new gem effects, new items available for gambling, Uberquests, upgraded shrines and much more!

ox777 says

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This mod was a disaster and totally ruined my game, Plugy just does not work with this mod, period, so all the stuff that was in my stash was completely gone plus the mod just straight up doesnt seem to work at all, and yes i'm on patch 1.13c. it wouldnt be so bad but if you could just uninstall the damn thing but now every time I click PlugY it opens up the non working sebish mod and I no longer have access to my huge stash or the items that were in it. what a pain and now all my items are lost. what Wasted time and effort.

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