With the Citadel on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown, Barney and Gordon Freeman are trying to escape City 17 when their plans take an unexpected detour.

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I agree with some others here.

There's nothing original at all going on in this mod. Basically they've re-created HL2 Episode 1 and simply re-arranged the elements.

Hell, they've even used the same puzzles which is really silly. What's the point in adding a puzzle that everyone knows the solution to? They've already completed these puzzles in HL2 Ep1. I get the feeling they added the puzzles just because they thought they should have puzzles in their mod but never bothered to sit down and actually think about creating anything new.

The score of 5 is for the mapping work. It looks good.

But all this good mapping work is utterly wasted on a lazy effort at gameplay.

What a shame...

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Satiam says

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Short, but very FUN mod. The atmosphere in the hospital was scary and the final boss battle a lot of fun. Great job!


seemed like an excellent mod.. but once on the roof, after hitting strider with third mine... game continually crashed... tried many times


Short but fun. The voice actor for Barney did a great job too.


Gave it an 8, but would havw wanted to give it 8.5. This is because I reserve nines and tens for outside-the-box mods.

Mapping is very good and gameplay is top notch, with neat ideas and lot of fun factor.

What I don´t really find so exciting is that it occurs in a very city 17-like scenario. And I´m getting sick of City 17 at this point. I hope you keep doing mods because I love to play them.


short,a bit challanging, not too creative and sticks to the basic ep1 materials and corridors


A professionally done but PAINFULLY short modification. Although it's clear that this is more a portfolio piece rather than an actual full expansion. Sebastian is a small "What if" scenario were Barney takes Alyx's place as you escape City 17. Despite it's aforementioned short length, and the fact that Barney is gone through most of the game it's still well worth the download.



DragonNOR says

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Nice, short mod! :)

I'm not going to judge this by its length, seeing as not all mods have to be several hours worth of playtime.

The mapping was ok and there were some nice detailing put in (like the pidgeons near the end).

When teaming up with Barney there were some minor logical flaws. For example why would he run from cover to cover when the strider was obviously busy making short work of the rebels? And when I followed him hot on his heels, he still shouted "This way Gordon!" as if I wasn't following him at all. When we reached the gate, and Barney is left on the outside, it was as if the Strider was patiently waiting for the dialogue to end even though it had a clear line of sight to Barney. Then after finishing Barney ran straight for the Strider, ignoring the cover completely, being shot to pieces as he went, which is not only unlogical but also inconsistent.

The voice acting was decent, although somewhat monotone and wooden in overall. The voice fit Barney well, but technically the acting could've been more alive. I also noticed that the volume of the voice actor was very low compared to all the other sound in the game, which should be tweaked if a patch or add is made to the mod :)

Weapon and ammo placement was a bunched up in strategic locations instead of being sprinkled through the map, which kind of broke the flow of the game instead of helping out as they all marked the beginning of a new enemy wave. Some larger caches are nice, but the item spread could've been better.

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