With the Citadel on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown, Barney and Gordon Freeman are trying to escape City 17 when their plans take an unexpected detour.

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I agree with some others here.

There's nothing original at all going on in this mod. Basically they've re-created HL2 Episode 1 and simply re-arranged the elements.

Hell, they've even used the same puzzles which is really silly. What's the point in adding a puzzle that everyone knows the solution to? They've already completed these puzzles in HL2 Ep1. I get the feeling they added the puzzles just because they thought they should have puzzles in their mod but never bothered to sit down and actually think about creating anything new.

The score of 5 is for the mapping work. It looks good.

But all this good mapping work is utterly wasted on a lazy effort at gameplay.

What a shame...

guud guud

Excellent quality, like another couple of maps from ep1, but it is extremely short, and there isn't much of a story.


Обычный средний мод на 7 без сюжета и даже без чего-то прикольного, но не могу не поставить 8 за атмосферу half-life 2: episode one, если вам не хватило первого эпизода или хотите перепройти его, то обязательно пройдите этот мод, геймплей тут хороший.
The usual average 7 mod without a plot and even without cool little things, but I put 8 for the atmosphere of half-life 2: episode one, if you want to walkthrough half-life 2: episode one again, walkthrough this mod, the gameplay here good, bad that the mod does not fit into the story of the half-life.

Sebastian is a good mod for as long as it lasts. It is just too short; one of the shorter HL2 user-made mods I have played through. For as long as it lasts it is well done and bug-free. Some combat sequences are too difficult without using cheats.

I rate this mod a 6/10.


so good still i can't play with Sebatian haha


Satiam says

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Short, but very FUN mod. The atmosphere in the hospital was scary and the final boss battle a lot of fun. Great job!


seemed like an excellent mod.. but once on the roof, after hitting strider with third mine... game continually crashed... tried many times


Short but fun. The voice actor for Barney did a great job too.


Gave it an 8, but would havw wanted to give it 8.5. This is because I reserve nines and tens for outside-the-box mods.

Mapping is very good and gameplay is top notch, with neat ideas and lot of fun factor.

What I don´t really find so exciting is that it occurs in a very city 17-like scenario. And I´m getting sick of City 17 at this point. I hope you keep doing mods because I love to play them.

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