Official SC SUM Homepage (will be going offline soon)

(Current version: 1.45 - latest update: 2017-04-17 - click READ MORE for details)

SC SUM is a Mod based on StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 that preserves the classic StarCraft gameplay with all its original units, upgrades and abilities but enhances the tech tree by three new unique super units, corresponding new research facilities and lots of new upgrades and abilities.
In detail:

  • 3 new super units
  • 1 new support unit
  • 3 new buildings
  • 15 new abilities
  • 3 new upgrades

The Terrans get the Siege Destroyer. A battleship that combines the most powerful Terran technologies. It is equipped with a devastating rapid-fire siege turret, advanced cloaking and armor upgrades, engine booster capabilities and a primary weapon system that makes the Yamato Gun look like a county fair air gun.

The Zerg get the Eradicator. The meanest creature throughout known galaxy. Besides it oustanding melee combat strength and toughness it provides a variety of insidious support and assault abilities. This beast eats whole Marine squads for breakfast.

The Protoss get the Mothership. This monolithic dreadnought is the ultimate support unit and combines oustanding energy, shielding and warping technologies. Troops in its perimeter become almost invincible. Multi-Mothership-warps can move entire armies into the enemy´s base within the blink of an eye.

If you want to know more details about the three Super Units and all their new upgrades and abilities, please download the Mod and see the included HTML manual.

- UPDATE - 2017-04-17 -

I have just released the new version SC SUM 1.45 that is almost identical the previous version just with all server related features removed. The SC SUM server and the official SC SUM homepage will be going down soon. As I do not use the server on my own anymore and it is barely used at all, I cannot justify the ten bugs per month in the future.
The mod will still be available for download on this ModDB site, of course!
Full changelog:

  • removed SC SUM server from manual
  • removed SC SUM server registry creation
  • removed version check in start screen
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The Eradicator and Mothership super unit will receive some pretty interesting updates with this patch.


Since version 1.36 the Eradicator is capable of burrowed movement and Spawn Burstlings while burrowed. Now it reaches the next level of viciousness! The Eradicator can now cast while burrowed. You are invited to share the malicious joy. (see video below)
In addition to that various base attributes have been raised to be able to compete with the new Mothership capabilities.

Eradicator changes in detail:

  • Eradicator can cast Contaminate while burrowed now
  • Eradicator can cast Corrosive Venom while burrowed now
  • increased Corrosive Venom radius: 3 -> 4
  • increased Eradicator life: 800 -> 1000
  • increased Eradicator armor: 5 -> 6
  • increased Eradicator ground weapon damage: 60(+6) -> 80(+8)
  • increased Eradicator air weapon damage: 40(+4) -> 60(+6)
  • increased Chitinous Shell armor bonus: 4 -> 6
  • increased health regeneration of Cannibalize: 100 -> 200
  • increased Burstling ground weapon damage: 200(+20) -> 250(+25)
  • increased Burstling ground weapon splash radius


The weapon concept of the Mothership will undergo a fundamental change. The 16 Interceptors (that were a core feature of the Mothership) will be removed. This change is done to differentiate the Mothership more from the Carrier, that should be become a viable build option again. Furthermore building 16 Interceptors for each Mothership was quite annoying.
As a compensation it will receive completely new weapon systems. The air weapons will have quite the same characteristics as the Interceptors before: high range, many hits, low damage. Actually this is still the weakest of all Super Unit weapons, but the Mothership is still primarily designed as a support unit.
The ground weapon on the other hand will change the way the Mothership can be used a lot. It will receive a beam weapon with low range, but very high splash damage.

But wait... a BEAM WEAPON ?!? ...
Yeah! For all of you who thought the game engine does not allow beam weapons... well... SC SUM will prove you wrong.
Have fun! (see video below)

Mothership changes in detail:

  • removed Interceptors from Mothership
  • added new Mothership air weapon: Plasma Torpedos
  • added new Mothership ground weapon: Plasma Disruptor Array
  • increased Mothership costs: 1000/1200 -> 1200/1200
  • decreased Mothership hitpoints: 600 -> 500
  • decreased Mothership shields: 600 -> 500
  • Mothership is immobile now while using Warp
  • casting Warp now triggers Recall sound instead of Scanner Sweep sound

SC SUM multiplayer videos on KYSXD´s Youtube channel

SC SUM multiplayer videos on KYSXD´s Youtube channel

News 1 comment

ModDB user KYSXD has uploaded some StarCraft Super Unit Mod videos to his Youtube channel. This is a welcome opportunity to see SC SUM in action.

SC SUM goes online

SC SUM goes online

News 1 comment

The one big problem of most Starcraft mods is how to find people to play with. This problem has been solved for SC SUM. I am proud to announce that SC...

SC SUM video on iCCupStarcraftTV

SC SUM video on iCCupStarcraftTV


YouTube channel iCCupStarcraftTV released a 24 minute video about SC SUM.

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SC SUM 1.45

SC SUM 1.45

Full Version 2 comments

This is the latest (and most likely final) version 1.45 of SC SUM that is almost identical the previous version just with all server related features...

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Hi Sahasrahla, I'm having an issue getting the mod to work. I downloaded the starcraft offered on, but when I click the SC_SUM.exe file and select StarCraft.exe nothing happens. I checked the FAQ and tried to use regedit in the way described, however Blizzard Entertainment wasn't there under Wow6432Node. I just downloaded the full game yesterday and played a few campaign missions to see if it works on my computer, which it does. Is there something else I have to do after downloading the game to get the mod to work?

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Also: I tried running it as an administrator and windows defender detected it as malware and removed it (when I first ran it not as an administrator I got a warning but ran it anyways). I feel like this may be the root of the problem, but I'm not sure how I'd go about fixing it.

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Sahasrahla Creator

Thanks for your interest in this mod.

Since two days the official version is Starcraft 1.18 which is not compatible with this mod. You would have to downgrade to 1.16.1 somehow. There is a tool (bwai downgrader), that is able to change the versions with a single click. Sadly this tool does not support 1.18, yet. I don´t know if there is another comfortable way to change the versions. Sorry, I know that is no pleasant answer...

The current impact of the new patch 1.18 on the whole Starcraft modding scene is quite unclear. Starcraft modding relies on very specific interactions with the game memory at runtime. Therefore all mods are bound to a specific patch version of the game.
All we SC modders will have to see where this is going. It depends on how much has changed in 1.18 and even more on how the open servers (e.g.: IcCup, Fish) will react to the version change. As most community tools (launchers, etc.) will not work as well, I suppose they will stay with 1.16.1 for a while.

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Hey, is this mod gonna work on the starcraft remastered version when it comes out?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sahasrahla Creator

That will definitively not work. Sorry!

From a technical perspective the Remastered version is a completely different piece of software. It would be like applying the Mod to e.g. Microsoft Word.

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Hello Sahasrahla Could you tell me ow can I open the mod while havind igh resolution?

I use a resolution modifier and I dont know how to open the mod with it

Could you help me with that?

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Sahasrahla Creator

Sorry that won´t work the mods are not compatible.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oh well
I guess I have to find somehow to make it high resolution
il send you an screenshot with how to game looks
It looks tinier then in the image ;-;

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And if you can read the description ;-;

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Sahasrahla Creator

Hi again.

You are asking for an option to apply the mod persistently? Hmmm... I have some ideas how that might be possible, but there are good reasons for not doing so.
First of all:
It is one thing to apply some changes at runtime to the game (actually this is already a legal gray area tolerated by Blizzard), but publishing a modified Starcraft executable is a clear copyright violation I am not willing to risk.

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Alright ;-;

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SC SUM 1.40
Stunning Mothership's LASER.
i'm surprised voodoo magic.

In the past,
OLD Starcraft 1 MOD's laser weapon implement is just burst laser hit repeatedly trick.
or used scarab trail effect, after gets sprite limitation. :P

anyway! very interested, and fun. :)
I enjoyed very much this SC SUM with nova interactive team mates.
believe the hype.

Sep 25 2015 by Black_Overseer

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