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Feb 8 2013 Anchor

1. Shouldn't Lurker get damage boost from melee upgrade instead of missle ?
2. Shouldn't Spore and Sunken colony benefit also from missle/melee upgrade ?

Feb 9 2013 Anchor

1. As far as I know lurker shoot underground spines, so they are technically a ranged attack. Apart of this, there are lots of units that benefit from melee upgrades right now (zergling, baneling, ultralisk, broodling, and infested terran) and only hydra, roach and lurker from ranged attacks.

2. If I make zerg buildings benefit from upgrades the same should happen to the other races to keep some balance. The problem will be terran, as bunker benefit from infantry upgrades, but require spending units for defense. So what should upgrade missile turret? Vehicle weapons?

I think the reason that defensive buildings aren't receiving upgrades its that they cost only minerals and don't cost any supply, so if you have enough resources you can build lot of defenses and still have a 200 supply army. If you need more protection just build more defensive structures.

But I will see if I can have enough upgrade slots for make some upgrades for defensive buildings. I think it will be better to have different upgrades for each race that improve their defenses (maybe not damage but hp, range, cooldown, or some special effects).

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