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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

Terran infantry healing is too effective. RavenWolf nerf the speed, but IMO its still unbalanced in 1.6.

Healing time decresed, but I still think its not enough. Especially when Terrans infantry have increased HP (Marine +5, Firebat+10). The medic is designed for combat, so for this purpouse the hp regaining should be fastest, but its ridiculous when few marines with medic help can take down a lot stronger enemy force (or base) and go unscathed. Make simple test: order two marine to shoot each other and heal them with medic. They can shoot each other to infinity!

Compare please this data (healing speed in frames, sec. at normal speed, x~4frames):

vanilla medic_____200/256 11,7 hp/sec__ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
medic Rev 1.1_____176/256 10,4 hp/sec_ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
medic Rev 1.6_____148/256 8,7 hp/sec__ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
up medic Rev 1.6__185/256 10,8 hp/sec__ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

protoss shield reg_ 42/256 2.5 sh/sec____ xxxxxxxxxx
Zerg regeneratat_ 4/256 0,2 hp/sec____ x
burrow zerg______12/256 0.7 hp/sec____ xxx
burrow Hydralisk__ 48/256 0.5 hp/sec____ xxxxxxxxxxxx

RavenWolf wrote: Each health/shield/energy/damage point its actually represented by a byte (256 values), so a unit with 10 hp in game, really have 2560 hp.
Zerg regeneration is 4/256 per frame (it takes 64 frames to gain 1 hp).
The 200/256 means that originally a medic heals 200 hp per game frame (a second has 15 frames in normal speed), so is actually healing 0.78 hp per frame.

It means you have to divide frames [x/256] by 17,0(6) [1 sec = 15 frames; 256:15 = 17,0(6)] to recieve hp/sec at normal game speed.

What is wrong is that it take lot if time for enemy forces to take down single infantry unit, if its healing by medic. Its especially frustrating when bunch of marines shooting from distance (FB have to come closer, so the medic must follow him and its not working so faultlessly).

I suggest:
Ofcourse heal speed decrease *
Remove Stabilizer Med-packs upgrade - terran don't need more healing speed.
Return with Marine HP to 40 (45->40).
Move Stimpack upgrade to Academy (Barrack:Tech Lab -> Academy). It would made Academy more important.

*I intentionally don't give any value, because I already discussed it with RavenWolf and I am curious about others opinion about the speed.

P.S. I have wrote the healing speed is fine now. I change my mind. Its way better than before, but its still should be lower.

edit 12.03.2013:
Idea for upgrade for Medic, instead of Stabilizer Med-packs (I mean the way it work, the name is whatever):

Increase the range of healing. Yes, even more. +1 Range would be not so OP (it would be Range 3, I think?).

With no faster healing it would not give more advantage for Marines, Ghost, StormRaven and other second-line unit. And more range would improve firebat support-healing and also decrease micro in late game (will be more "standalone").

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