From the Founding of Pendor - the year is 354 A King has not ruled the shattered land of Pendor for many generations. What was once a proud accomplishment of man now is steeped in the myths of folklore and told as children’s bedtime stories. Yet, the legends live on of a prophesy of hope. A tale of a champion who comes from a distant shore and unites the lords of Pendor under a single Ruler and brings peace and prosperity once again to this ravaged war-torn land. All is not as it seems as there are many powers who have their own ends in mind and an epic struggle is about to unfold. Strap on your sword, and buckle your imagination. Prepare to enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of the Prophesy - if you dare.

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Report RSS Barclay armor updates for v3.9.2 (view original)
Barclay armor updates for v3.9.2
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If you accept any suggestions, maybe change the spaulder model? it looks a little small considering how the theme of the armor suggests an leather brigandine over mail topped of by steel plate on limbs, similar to a transitional armor.
I would suggest a spaulder similar in size and shape to the Cuir Bouilli armor, which is both bigger than this one and smaller than the other Barclay armor that was posted, and as a bonus would maybe complement the upper arm defense (not sure if this one is a rerebrace or a lame) better, with some overlapping on the top giving a image of a solid defence

Maybe even some couters/elbow, similar to the ones used in Narf's Corrazina from his Transitional armor pack? a small couter with a disc shaped piece would keep this armor looking more funtional than fancy, and cover the gap inbetween the rerebrace/lame thing and the vambrace

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I'm still a tad confused as to why a spanish themed faction uses Cour Bouilli armour rather than conquistadore or 1500's themed european armour.

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