Mod is currently in version 2.2, with 2.21 due out by the end of August. It is played on version 1.09 of D2: Lord of Destruction. It will not be updated for patch 1.10 of D2 most likely, but I will be starting a new mod project for patch 1.10. The SiC mod is a monster overhual featuring many new monsters, it also features many new items, heavily altered skills (mostly notably the sorc), alternate gambling systems, specialized item creation, more than 200 runewords, new uniques and sets, and more.

In 2.21B...
- Druid's "Celestial Tempest" spell has been changed back to "Armageddon."I did
make a fix for the Celestian Tempest spell so that the animations wouldn't crash
the game and people could have a high-level cold spell for the druid. But it still
crashes SOME people's computers. However, there is an "upgrader" kit you can use
that will easily and simply change the skill to the "fixed" Celestial Tempest skill
if you want to give it a try and replace Armageddon.
- New game select screen
- Four new offensive runewords added that are even more powerful than Oath of the Endless,
previously the most powerful weapon-oriented runeword in the game.
- Lowered level requirements for the Sumr, Autn, Wint, Spri and GodsEye runes.
- Rare items are now usable in Etherseek recipes. Previously, only magic items were
usable. Some of the more powerful outputs (set and unique items) may no longer be
possible if the item is magical, but might be possible if the item is rare.
- Fixed an exploitable bug that allowed more sockets on set items (and maybe
magic, rares and uniques, too) than was supposed to be the case.
In 2.21A...
- Zombies now do poison damage instead of cold damage
- Reduced chill length (and cold damage) for Ghouls and Hungry Dead
- Reduced chill length for "Shaman Followers" (Lesser Demons, Abyss Imps, Devilspawn,
Dark Ones and Shadowkin)
- Forged Warriors have less physical damage resistance now in Normal and Nightmare
difficulties. They also move slightly more slowly now.
- The Juggernaut (superunique Forged Warrior) in Act 1 is no longer cold-enchanted,
but he remains extra strong and still has stone skin (plus is poison and lightning
immune because all Forged Warriors are). He now only spawns with one or two minions
instead of four. It should be noted that he uses an Act 2 superunique treasure drop
instead of Act 1 drop in Normal, Act 3 superunique drop in Nightmare, and Act 4
superunique drop in his drops should be pretty good if you can stay in the
battle. Remember that if you stray too far from a superunique (in terms of physical
distance), there is a bug in D2 that may cause the treasure drop to revert to that
of Bishibosh, which would be bad in this case, so you need to stay in the battle.
- Made exceptional and elite versions of the weapon creation recipes that usually
take two weapons combined to make one (such as spear + brandistock = pike and 2
war axes = giant axe). So, now you can have similar recipe flexibility/functionality
in Nightmare and Hell difficulties. The weapons that are output will be
- Added a few armor creation recipes, similar to the weapon creation recipes. There
are four for Normal, four for Nightmare and four for Hell. The items output will
be basic quality.
- Added a recipe to make a piece of armor or a weapon magical.
- Added a recipe to make a piece of armor or a weapon rare.
- The gems/talismans/glyphs/etc, I added to the game will drop less frequently now
in comparision to the more traditional gems, about one-third to one-half as often
as they did before, I think.
- The Countess and some other superunique and boss types will now drop Etherseek
Glass sometimes.
- Added a one-handed mechanist spear AND a two-handed spear (for all you fun-loving
amazons and barbarians out there), in normal, exceptional and elite versions
(Mekhanik Bladestick, Pneumatic Spear and Imagenyr Razorstaff for the one-handed
ones...and Mekhanik Bladestaff, Pneumatic Lance and Imagenyr Razorpole for the
two-handed ones). The one-handed spear is faster and does less damage, while
the two-handed spear is slower, does more damage and has a longer reach...but
both types have the same inherent base powers. Hence, why their names are so
- Added more unique items (So far, for 2.21 and 2.21a, I have added the Nail of
Gharyghia conjurer warstaff, the Ashymihran barbed spear, the Retribution Song
deacon mace, the Abyssoul demon heart, the Triumph's Call avenger guard, the End
of Kings conqueror plate, the Dire Swarm rogue crossbow, the Night Hive champion
mail, the Blessings From Above steel skullcap, the Gehenna's Embrace spiral mail,
the Dusty Skumpit tournament mail, the Chromatic Wreath belt, the Faces of Death
ghastly shield, the Flametouch gloves, and the Snowqueen's Pinch barbed spear)
- Added new sets
- Gold Dragon's Legacy - 3 items - Gold Dragon's Fang (blade), Gold Dragon's
Scales (spiral mail), and Gold Dragon's snout (viper mask)
- Deadstalker Armamentarium - 4 items - Ghoulskin Coat (heavy tunic), Ghoul
Corpse (macabre shield), Trophy Cage (steel skullcap), and Ghoul-Hunter Fang
(sacrificial blade)
- Storm of the Heavens - 2 items - Cloudstrike (ceremonial spear) and
Thunderwreath (dragonbone breastplate)
- Added light radius to Eidolon Bears and Possessed Bears. Some players have
reported these monsters remaining invisible/unselectable at time, so the light
radius will help to warn you. Hirelings and summons should be able to target
and fight these creatures even when they are "invisible."
- Added recipes to make four new socketable items called "pain spheres" that can
be create via the Horadric Cube only.
- Druid's Armageddon spell now called "Celestial Tempest," and it does cold damage
rather than fire damage.
- Lost Souls no longer spawn in such large groups. They also have fewer hit points
and a smaller defensive rating. (Players relying on summons may now rejoice in the
fact that they won't spend so much time going after Lost Souls instead of real
- The Summoner no longer spawns as a monster in Act 3 and Act 4. Instead, Demented
Mages are the potential monster choices, which is the way is was supposed to be to
begin with.
-Asheara no longer spawns in Act 4.
- Added 7 recipes for treasury ingots (three of which create new recipe-only gems:
Quicksilver Gem, Heaven's Mist and Windcrystal)
- Added seven new unique charm recipes, four of which are addition Khalim organ

There are so many people whose help (direct or indirect, big or small) was
instrumental in making this mod good. Here are the ones I can think of right
Thanks to Phrozen Heart, iowan, Fusman, Perfect Cell, Fireheart, Thunder, Masamune's Edge,
MPHG, AresGodofWar, Incandescent_One, Nefarius, Zhoulomcrist, Mephansteras, DigiBO, Necroboycer,
KillBurn, Darkmage, Goldark, Khan, 54x, Adam Diggins, Max-Violence, BJ, SanSahanSan, 40 revs,
Caimbuel, JustinSays, Yonder, etc. for general help, answers, advice, testing, suggestions and
whatever else. I'm sure I've missed other folks who helped me...if so, I'm sorry.
Special thanks to Zhoulomcrist in particular for giving me permission to use the files from his
Zhoulomcrypt mod to make an even larger character inventory starting with version 2.10 of SiC.
On the graphics front (inventory graphics in particular), many thanks to those
whose work I either used outright (from image packs they donated to Phrozen Keep
for general use), or used as the base to build "new" images. These folks include
most prominently Stargazer, Syniq and Riparius. Also Perfect Cell who designed
my start-up screen for the game. Incandescent_One is to thank for my being able
to include the animations of several Diablo 1 monsters (Defiler, Blood Knight,
Acid Beast and Stormrider,among others), which replace a few I didn't care for
much in D2 anyway (the Quill Rats, Zakarum Priests, Baboon Demons and the Abyss
Knights/Oblivion Mages, for example).
If I forgot anyone (and I'm sure I did), please let me know and I'll add you to
the list if you really contributed to my modding somehow. ;-)

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I recently provided spoiler information on Horadric Cube recipes and runeword for this mod in my forum at the Phrozen Forums.

Cube Recipe Thread:

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Sanctuary in Chaos v. 2.21b

Sanctuary in Chaos v. 2.21b

Full Version 2 comments

The SiC mod features many new items, heavily altered skills (mostly notably the sorc), new monsters, alternate gambling systems, specialized item creation...


id like to beable to play mods period, i suck at computers :)

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gotta have more d2 mods...

i really wanna make a d2 mod, thing is i'm no good at gfx hehe

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