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Ahoy Buccaneer The first day of our pirates adventure begins now.. Allready landlubber's are staring looking out nervously impatiently to become bucaneers of C+C 3 ... Patience Me heartys for all great things come after hard work and time. So you son of a biscut eater if you got the guts get on over to the suggestions areas and start making a swag of ideas for our team to be eating, chewing on. Or else ill make you sprogs walk the plank Arrrrr. Three Sides :Brittish ,Spainish and far East.

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Very Nice :D

i am very impressed! :D

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Well another month and not everything is going smoothly.. though i did manage to make some progress... hope you like it some models / most models are incomplete and lack textures... credit goes to nick for the sound some human models come from POTC .. and if you havent worked it out yet these charectors will be in game after much fiddling and rigging animating and coding has taken place.
Nile boat + grey untextured boats come from sketchup artists

many a model im using under the creative commons as is 99% of the content here used... though this will not likly matter if someone takes offence at the use of these models however should this occur.... i feel it maybe a case of a dead mod.
Please note we here still have to animate differently everything.. not to mention remodel them into smaller poly items so please be patient.. itll probably take 5 years if its still just splat doing the animating which it is at the moment..
not to mention the sorting out the coding issues and making it have a decent gameplay style...
the china flag ship in this display is by splat as are the fx test clip

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