Add an new "empire building" mechanic for a truly epic Star Trek experience. A total conversion mod where you can play as one of 5 Star Trek factions with Rebellion 1.85.

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A classic Star Trek mod, this has the distinctive feel of something created by one person rather than a large team. The 'X Planet' and neutral factions systems mean you can create really interesting scenarios with the Galaxy Forge (check out the readme, there really are lots of options). Still being maintained by the author.

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A very enjoyable mod, with some great work at differentiating each race's play style. Good sounds and well realised ships (although I'd love to see them just a shade more detailed) and excellent research trees, especially those involving the need for allies. Ideally I'd like to see the titan mechanic realised for this mod, but with the gameplay as it is, it's not essential. Great work at encouraging the player to build a variety of ships, rather than the simple cap ship zerg rush we're all so used…

Jun 24 2013 by Gul-Dukat(tech)