Play as one of five Star Trek races, expand your borders and conquer the galaxy in one of the most epic mods created for Original SoaSE, Entrenchment and Diplomacy.

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mangomango999 says

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It's Sacrifice of Angels 2 OG yo.


Sid0035 says

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very good mod :)


spartan11011 says

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An absolutely amazing mod! As a big time Trekkie, I am very critical of mods like this, and make sure they match the world they represent. And this is the most realistic representation of Star Trek I've ever seen. The races ships match their respective personalities, and the races are balanced perfectly to how they are portrayed in the show itself.

On to the battles themselves. The dynamic movement of the battling ships is right out of the big battles of DS9, and the ships in this mod are designed for this kind of combat, with weapons that can fire at all angles, just like in the series. And the whole game still holds true to the original SINS game the mod stems from, with your feeling of running an empire spanning across an entire galaxy.

This mod is truly an amazing experience, and I will be playing it for years to come. I encourage everyone who likes Sins of a solar empire, and any Star Trek fan out there to download this right away and start playing. Like right now. Seriously, stop reading this review right now and get playing!

..............Your still here! Go have fun!!!

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