A single-player total conversion of Cube2-Sauerbraten with focus on adding rpg/adventure elements. The goal is to make gamebuilding as fun as playing a game, with intuitive menus and guides to help anyone make their own open-source rpg/adventure game, without prior knowledge of programming or 3D-modeling.

Buffalox says

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The game that is included is actually quite decent, but the real magic is in the changes to the engine.

There are a lot of cool additions to normal Cube2, and I don't think there are any RPG engines that are open source and as advanced as this, and relatively easy to use if you know a bit of Cube2 already.

I'm going to play with it a bit, and see what comes out of it, if it's worth anything I will of course contribute it back.

The thing most missing is good animated characters, there are some, but more and better would really make a difference, if anybody could point to anything or have made something themselves, I know from the maintainer herself, that it would be much appreciated. ;)

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