Imagine the game with dynamic melee combat, customable classes and tons of weapons. Image that you're just fighting with someone and then you getting shoot by... fireball. Well you can be as well smashed by electric punch or blown up by exploading ball. If you can imagine that, you see Rune.

Rune is multiplayer action based modification to Half - Life 2. Our main goal is to create mod full action. And with interesting gameplay and of course great ammount of fun. Combat will be mix of melee fighting and magick. Learn to control this two parts of combat will be the first great step in battlefield controling in Rune!

Melee combat:
Melee fighting will be based on parries, blocks and counter attacks. There will be only melee weapons. No ranged weapons. For that you have magick. You will be able to chose one from the whole mass of weapons. From two handed swords and maces, to daggers, one handed swords and staffs.

Mage - The weakest class in terms of melee combat. He has got the smallest ammount of health, worst protection and weapons. But this class will owned otheres with his spells. He will have much more mana than the other classes, and it will regenerate much faster. He has got offensive, defensive and buffing spells.

Battle Mage - Most ballanced class in the game. Pretty good in melee and magick. He know how to handle in any kind of situations. Average health, mana and mana regeneration. He has pretty big ammout of weapons in his armoury. Maybe the biggest in whole game. He has got offensive, defencive and few buffing spells.

Paladin - One word: Tank. Thats what he is. Mammoth running with two handed sword, axe or mace in full plated armour. He have the greates ammput of live and defence, but he is slow, his mana is low and regenerate much slower than in other classes. He is great in melee combat but he has only few buffing and defensive spells.

- Fireball
- Electric Punch
- Bolt
- Exploadig Ball
- Fire Wave
- Frozen Trap


- Magick Shield
- Shield
- Magick Barrier

- Heal
- Team Heal
- Fire Weapon
- Speed up!
- Cloak

Melee Weapons:
- Staff
- Dagger

Battle Mage:

- 1H Sword
- 1H Axe
- Sword/Shield
- Dagger
- Battle Staf


- 2H Claymore
- 2H Axe
- 2H Mace
- Sword/Shield

Game Mod ( In work. ):
Team Deathmatch - Old good mayhem. 2 teams, tons of spells and one big masacrre!

Domination - Capture the point and hold it how long you can to score for your team.

Capture the Orb - Well it's just capture the flag mod with that difference, that there is no flag but magick orb. You must get enemy orb to your base to score. When you hold it you can't use melee weapons. Only spells but your mana regenerate much faster.

That's all for now. More things coming soon.

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Hail my friends!


Ah! First news on this mod! How exiting! And for real: Here's some pics of completed weapons models. Hope you will enjoy it. More things should be added soon.

And one more important thing. Our team is looking for new members who will help us with our works on this mod. It will be much more easy if we find few good guys for:

- Animator
- Programmer

If you can and want to help us, then PM me or send your application to my e-mail:




Use a combat system like Severance: Blade of Darkness or Elveon please ...

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MrBlack Creator

1. About this "It will be much better". In this i mean that we do our best to create great mod. And i dont saying that this game suck. I like it and yes I didn't play multiplayer mod.

2. If we are talking about others mods like PVK2 or Age of Chivalry then I trhing that the melee system for game that is shooting game is really good. If you dont like it then ok. It's your opinion.

3. Well if I have good informations, there is only 1 or 2 mods to HL2 with magic system. Well I see you're not the anime lover but it's not "anime magick" but fantasy magick, and there is a little difference.

4. I love Naruto anime. :P

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MrBlack Creator

Well I knew there is such a game named "Rune". I even played it. Still this is a modification not full game. And i promise that it will be much better. ;)

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Much better how? Rune still has a multiplayer following decenly Large, you have Yourself probably making your first mod, and apparently some average Photoshop skills. Source might be easy to mod for, but Pirates, Vikings and Knights is a good example of how poor it is for Melee based games. I'm not shooting you down dude, just don't BS people.

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Well I would definitely try it (, if this ever sees the sunlight,) although I seen something similar and promising the other day ( but that doesn't mean anything, it would be good to play PVaK like mod with magic :)
Oh yeah, don't forget to implant bows, crossbows, etc.

And please don't name it Rune. It's such a cliché name for fantasy games nowadays. Runescape, Runes of Magic.
And mainly because there is already a multiplayer fantasy-fighter game called Rune.

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Also, there's an old fantasy 3rd person game by the name of Rune.

And it really sucked.

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Suppose you didn't play much of Rune or it's multiplayer if you're saying it sucked. It was probably too hard for you. The Fireball Crap sounds stupid, why not just make it purely Melee? Why does everything have to be all ANIME MAGIC ****. YOu DBZ and Naruto losers are really crumming up the Mod Community worse than ever.

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