Rule 12 is a post-nuked total conversion for Morrowind. It is currently is the middle stages of development. Set in a post-nuclear-war era, full of irradiated grit and grime, Rule 12 is designed to be a true RPG, filled with all kinds of people and places. The world spans many areas, including a bomb crater, multiple cities and bases, and the Badlands, a jagged expanse of inhospitable terrain left to the toughest, roughest characters in the country. Rule 12 is built on the Morrowind engine, but some major mechanics are changed. Characters have abilities, which can be learned and trained in, and allow special actions. Inventory is limited both by weight of items and by limits on the number of each type, affected by stats (eg, a weak character can only carry one rifle and one pistol, a strong character could have two of each). Unfortunately, due to attempts at realism, this mod isn't for the young'uns.

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Heads completely redone, a few more places, main quest concreted in, site changes, and a brief development pause.

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Heads - All the heads have been replaced! Every single one (screens tonight/tomm). After receiving permission from Westly to use his beautiful faces and hair, those files are being merged in R12 as I type. I'll be taking pictures as soon as I finish re-assigning races and start placing them in the world.

Places - Cavern, position for Salvation Hospital concreted, abandoned storage facility, Oxide Oasis in progress, Confederacy Center positioned and landscaped.

Main Quest - Using a cool new program (FreeMind), I've built the entire main quest tree (as well as a few others, the Xandex Cult and rad-poisoning-survivors (real name a secret)). The people and places that are required aren't done yet, of course, but having a precise structure to follow (more than just general docs and ideas) will definitely speed things up! Expect a partially, or fully, playable main quest within the next few stepping-stone releases.

Companion - Included (partially) in v0.1e (Patch 5) is the companion named Lisa. Her scripts aren't finished (and so, don't work (right)) in that version, but work progresses on her. She's a bit off, mentally, but that just adds to the fun! In her script now are a few old features that every companion needs (companion share, stages of trust, etc), but a few that haven't been done before (at least, not often) will be implemented. Right now I'm finishing up putting in certain areas she won't follow the PC near (bathrooms and such, mostly, but other difficult-to-maneuver and possibly damaging areas).

Dialogue - As each NPC is made and added to the world, so is unique dialogue. Not always a lot, but always enough to make everyone have their own personality. None of the old Morrowind-style everyone in Ald Ruhn says the same things, in Rule 12 there are many lines of dialogue filtered to only one character. With the addition of Westly's heads, this will make each NPC as unique as possible, and once everyone gets their very own inventory and AI script, they will all act just slightly different.

Dev Pause - Because of team size (small, [hinthintjoinpeople!hint]), there will be a short pause in development while I can't reach a computer. I'll be gone in Europe from the evening of the 16th to the 26th, and hopefully will be able to keep working until the day I leave and start up again within a few days of returning. Some aspects of development (especially model building) will continue while I'm away, but all world-building and quest/script writing will pause. I am planning, however, on taking loads of photographs and picking up as much inspiration as possible, so just maybe I'll come back with new ideas and textures.

Site Update - I'm working on updating the official site to use a CMS. Not sure which I'm using yet, was planning on Dragonfly but it doesn't seem to be supported by my host. I'll try and get things up before I leave, but that doesn't look like it'll happen, so that's priority 1 on my return. With the current setup (no CMS) it's taking too much time to make a simple change, so some kind of system is required. I'm researching it now, but choosing a good one will take a lil' while, and learning it and installation longer.

New Content - I'm working on chopping up a short demo video, which shows an NPC noticing the player where they shouldn't be and running for the alarm (which then closes to blast doors). The AI script works (even though he keeps running afterwards), and the door-closure runs smoothly. Also, shots of the new faces are on their way, and will be put up just as soon as I can.

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