Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner is a dark, nightmarish, fast paced third person action modification for Doom 3 & Dhewm 3. Assume the role of a herald of Death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

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this is one of the greatest mods I've ever played. I've played many many mods and none of them came close to the beauty and combat of what this is. the atmosphere is spot on and although gameplay is not the smoothest and the framErate leaves something to be desired, this is still better than most triple A games today! with a little more attention and love and more development, this could become so much more! please keep working on this project because it is the most fun i had in a long time!

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Impressive. There aren't much 3rd person shooters running with id tech 4.

Nice design.

Sep 10 2011 by =FF=Sturm