Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner is a dark, nightmarish, fast paced third person action modification for Doom 3 & Dhewm 3. Assume the role of a herald of Death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

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Interesting game, shame that the combat is a bit simple. Reminds me of Severance Blade of Darkness. This game has better graphics (obviously) better archery (but thats pretty easy to beat), but the combat is far to simplistic. Severance had a whole variety of melee weapons to pick from, and all sorts of variety of attacks you could do based on what movement keys you press, you could dodge (in this game you can do that, but it looks weird, you move way to far, and way to fast, its like you almost teleport) you could parry if you had a 2 handed weapon, and you could use shields that could break if they took enough punishment. The enemies you versed against used weapons also, and a fight with one of them meant using all your skills with that weapon where put to the test, and even though there wasn't much else to do in the game (you could also search for a hidden Rune on certain levels which are protected by traps which I thought was a nice touch), ever fight felt different and exciting, and when you came up against a boss enemy it wasn't as great, just a matter of timing (dodge its powerful attack and attack it while its preoccupied). This game has some nice enemies recycled from Doom 3... soul power idea looks nice... but this game doesn't have the sword play, just a click button to attack. The stuff that matters is the sword play. You guys would have been better off making a good mod for Severance instead of Doom 3.

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Impressive. There aren't much 3rd person shooters running with id tech 4.

Nice design.

Sep 10 2011 by =FF=Sturm