Return of Zombie Ops is a zombie modification for Call of Duty 4, it features content from Black Ops Zombie mode aswell as from Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode and Ghosts Extinction mode. It's set slightly in the future with some weapons from Ghosts, Black Ops series and Modern Warfare series.

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Finally an official announcement that many of you have been waiting for. News about version 0.6 :D

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Finally I got some solid news on the new version 0.6 of RoZo mod.

RoZo v0.6 Public Release

First of all, there won't be a public release of 0.6 for quite some time, there are a lot of reasons for that, which I'll quickly mention in the following text. One of the probably biggest reasons is hacking in any kind, mainly rank hacking or the commonly known godmode, that can be used in private matches. As long as we don't find a solid solution to terminate it, there won't be a public release. But what does it take me to script for hours and get some kind of saftey on that end, when on the other end every fagot can extract all of my scripts, read them and just comment the anti cheat out? Nothing, so there is the next point, I want at least a minimum safety for my scripts, so long, no pub release again. Last but not least there has been a lot of trouble with the latest Release of 0.5 and also a lot of people did not seem to notice it at all. Also there are some smaller reasons we won't release a public version for now.

RoZo v0.6 Official Server

Of course it's important to provide enough servers for everyone to play 0.6, also we have to rely mainly on the feedback of players for bugfixing, as we do not have the time to playtest the mod all day long. For now the server we hosted has proven to be enough in capacity, however for players that are not from Europe it has a pretty high ping. If anyone feels confident enough to host a server on another continent, feel free to contact me, however this is NOT a easy option to get the server files, as I'll not just send them out instantly.

RoZo v0.6

Currently we're working on the next, very big, Update for RoZo 0.6, on the end of this post I'll again put the latest changelog and update it at times. However it should be noticed, that the update isn't even close to the 50% mark as of now. Even when I'm done with all weapons that will not be close to half of it. However no preview or anything will go online before a few things are settled.

RoZo v0.6 Update ToDo

Of course I can't go without telling you what we have planned for this update, so here is a quick List of things.

  • All new weapons and attachments
  • All menus in a custom style
  • Optimized maps (of course not all at once, 0.5 currently features around 100 maps)
  • New zombie AI
  • Reworked gamemodes
  • New playermodels and proper female models
  • A few other things

RoZo v0.6 Update Changelog

The changelog previously shown here is obsolete for the most part again.


"- Animations: Added Ghosts melee attacks"
"- Weapon: .44 Magnum models and animations from Ghosts"
And that
"- Weapon: MK32 models and animations from Ghosts, sounds various"
And that are my favourite.

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Could you make a tutorial of how to install and create a server just for us to play alone? and a tutorial to solve everyone whose got problems playing?continue the good work :D

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3aGl3 Author

RoZo 0.6 can currently not be run, the server scripts are not public. For 0.5 I already made one :)

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Thank you for the update!

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why i can't edit the .cfg file??? i mean i can still edit it but nothing happen... what should i do??? to play by my configuration???

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Having the same problem. Help us!!!

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