Route City is a singleplayer mod in which you play as Gordon Freeman, whom we played in ther original Half-Life. The events take place in a small city somewhere in Black Mesa. It starts when Gordon Freeman finds himself on a train heading to Route City. As he remembers, a mysterious man in a blue suit said to him something about a mission in Route City. It was something about like Gordon needs to navigate around the city and find someone that will open the awaiting route for him. He can’t remember who it was exactly and what does he need to do next, but as the train approached the station there is no escape now. The beta version has many bugs that which will hopefully be fixed in the future versions. You could download and try the v 0.1 beta, but beware that it has alot of bugs and sometimes you might get stuck in some parts of the game. If you do, you have to load a previously saved game and re-play that part.

flippedoutkyrii says

5/10 - - 1 agree

Route City was very bland, with open spaces and little details, even the enemies felt spread thin in areas.

But I liked the idea of a City within Black Mesa, and while the beginning confused me, I liked how the Grunts were docile until you reached a certain point.

Only give this a try if you don't mind dull level design, it's certainly something different.

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