Rotoscope is a graphical modification for Doom3, which enables high quality, real-time cartoon shading. Unlike other cartoon shaders, this modification preserves most of the graphical detail of the original game. Nevertheless, the visual experience of Doom3 is completely changed, and the onscreen display looks like a typical modern cartoon. Rotoscope can be used to make realistically looking comic stories, it can supply artistic effects for machinima, or it can simply be used to re-experience the classic Doom3 experience with a new "look-and-feel".

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This mod is really good, very stylish. The thing is, sometimes it can get a little too dark to see anything, and sometimes the rotoscoping effect can sometimes make object outlines a little difficult to tell apart from other things. Also, when I ran the mod, Doom 3 ran in windowed mode for some odd reason, which I've heard is an unstable mode. However, I encountered few issues with it.

However, on the upside, I found myself looking at Doom 3 with a fresh and dazzling perspective, and also a very stylish one at that. I loved how the colors became so vivid and eye-popping. "Cartoon"-ized, is how I guess one could describe it, but it does no justice to how awesome the rotoscoping effect looked overall. I found myself saying, "incredible" out loud, which is something I rarely do. Also, when I said that it got a little dark sometimes, Doom 3's supposed to be dark, so it really doesn't detract much from the overall experience. This also for object outlines.

Overall, the style was kind of like what one person said, comparing the mod's style to a film he or she saw, "A Scanner Darkly."

Yes, I saw it too.

Overall, 8 out of 10.


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