280 BC. In the Western Mediterranean, Carthago has establishid itself as the dominant state. An expedition is on its way to expand its influence on the island of Sicilia. A challenger for hegemony is about to emerge. The Roman Republic has been steadily extending its influence on the Italian Peninsula. Now, however, its ambitions are challenged as the Epirote King Pyrrhos invades Magna Graecia. In Rome Total Realism VII: Fate of Empires you get to control one of the three major states struggling for supremacy or try to survive the clash of giants as one of three minor powers, Celtiberia, Cisalpine Gauls or Numidia. In addition to providing historical detail and quality GFX, RTR VII Fate of Empires offers radical innovations to the campaign game. The team is determined to keep improving and expanding the game. Please visit our forums at TWcenter.net to give feedback, report bugs and be informed about fixes and updates. Greets The Rome Total Realism VII team

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