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Here is the complete guide/ quest guide/ FAQ to help you to understand how to play this game, it also gives you tips and stuff like that to help you to play this mod.

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Today I am going to give you tips, guides and stuff like that on how to play our wonderful Chinese-made mod 风云三国, first of all thanks to our almighty 风云三国制作组!

First, you will starts the game by creating your character, after that you adventure begins.Chapter 1: The Yellow Turbans Rebellion:
After you have created your character, you choose 1 of the 6 factions to go to, after you have slain the bandit, and that you have met with the merchant, you will understand that this world is full of chaos and that yellow turbans are everyday. You also heard that the merchant's brother is taken to hostage, so you will go and save his brother now.
Mission 1) Get 20 recruits to destory the yellow turban's warband who held the merchant's brother as hostage.You will need roughtly about 20-35 people in order to finish this mission.

Chapter 2: Fights Yellow turbans again
After you have destory the warband, you will know where the hideout is. After the battle, alot of your man have died, so you will need to get more. After that, you will need to get another 20-30 people in order to attack the liar.After you have destory the lair, Zhang Liao will appear and charge towards you, if you managed to survive and defeats him, you will gain one of the legendary item: His fan of wisdom.After you completed the quest, you went back to the merchant and ask what is going on. He tells you that one of the yellow turbans captured a village and need you to find out if that is really true. So you takes about 10 merchant's disguise warriors acting like you were peasants and take back the village.
After you took the village from the yellow turbans, the merchant will tells you that Zhang Jiao is alive, you will need to get a huge army, to destory Zhang Jiao outside of the city. Zhang Jiao have around 50-70 man and Zhang Biao (his brother) is with him, they have alot of cav, first of all kills the 2 boss, then destory them and gain another two legendary items. The Staff of god fire and unknown stone. Talks to the merchant again. Chapter 2 is done

Chapter 3: THe quest of Shijing, the merchat told you he is leaving the town, and ask you to find shujing, shujing is in one of the village and you will have to ask him, before you can find him you need to make sure that you have the unknown stone , without the stone you will not be able to see him, he is hidden on one of the village. When you finds him, he will say something about the stone and then let you and his student to have a duel.You will have to talk to shujing's student to start the duel, doesn't matter if you lose because you can start the quest agian. After you defeats his student, he will tells you that you have another mission to go.

Chapter 4: Search for "Four precious stone and a conincident merchant"
You heard from shujing and you know where the unkown stone was from, Zhang Jiao was not the real person who possess the power. You will need to find all 4 of the stones and then you will have to find a conincident person. After that you go back to shujing and finish the quest.

Chapter 5: After shujin's student joins you party, Zhang Liao will appears on the map, you will have to destory him, after he is down, another party will joins in and you have to fight them again.After this chapter, there is no more quest and it is still under development, thank you for reading


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