Yo, So I'm a huge Romance of the three kingdoms and Dynasty warriors (samurai warriors too) fan, Shogun 2 is the perfect combination of the 2 elements, its great, I fell in love instantly with the gameplay but of course Im missing my favorite generals. So I had to put them in the game. This mod includes alot of changes, most noteworthy are: Lu Bu replaces Mori Wei replaced Hojo Shu Replaces Shimazu Wu Replaces Chosokabe Yuan Shao replaces Ikki Ikko Yellow Turbans replace Hatano Chinese Ming units to chinese faction General units slightly stronger Historical Generals even stronger More abilities to vanilla units Ninja samurai to Tokugawa and Hattori Navy disabled (99%) No need for trade nodes to build top tier buildings More info found on TWcenter, under Shogun 2, hosted modifications, Full ROTK mod

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Brilliant mod. Thanks for making it. Great to have the Chinese models on campaign and battle maps. I wonder if you could add a Korean faction at some stage. Anyhow excellent work. I'm having a great time with it.

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