A mod set in 218 B.C the start of the 2nd punic war. a sp/mp Mod For Mount&Blade warband.

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Firstly, this mod is anything BUT historically accurate. Lorica Segmentata? Sparta the capital of Greece? One city in Gaul? What is this?! Firstly, none of the 'barbarian' factions have proper names, as in the language of those people. It really isn't that hard, just go to the Europa Barbarorum wiki and you've the names.
So, let's compare to Rome at War mod
Doesn't compare in terms of models, textures, scenes, historical accuracy or gameplay, only thing this has is lots of factions, which all look the same really.

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GL with the progress... =D =P XD

Jan 18 2013 by Héllalujah!