Roma Surrectum 2 is a full conversion mod to Rome Total war 1.5 and the predecessor to the original Roma Surrectum mod featuring unique Roman legions, new factions, units and a stunning high detailed map. Roma Surrectum 2 is developed for Rome Total war, but it will also run on both of it's expansions, Barbarian invasion and Alexander.

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This mod has supplied me with countless of hours of fun. Rome 2 Total War is out already, but I'm still playing Roma Surrectum 2.6 instead. It's a fantastic piece of work and a great example of how a mod can really prolong the lifespan of a game and even beat the contemporary competition with the newer games! Definitely and without a doubt deserves a tenner.

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This game is great and very detailed. The legions look great and the campaign mode for all factions is much larger and more difficult. This mod adds depth to the game and it never gets boring now. I absolutely love it. I would recommend this to eveyone who has Rome total war. Best mod for this game ive played.

Mar 19 2012 by Kimplin