Rising Sun is a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband based on the Gekokujo mod, New release planned for 2020.

OLD VERSION DESCRIPTION, not indicative of content or plans for new version

Set during the late Bakumatsu and Boshin War periods of Japan (1867 - 1869). Fight to restore the Imperial Court or retain the Tokugawa Shogunate.

NOTE: This Mod incorporates a large amount of content from the old version of Blood & Iron (B&I II OSP). ALL western style UNIFORMS and some FIREARM parts contained in this mod were made by Parrot, Willhelm and the Blood & Iron team and CREDIT should be given to them for this content.

rising sun

Rising Sun: Bakumatsu

This is a mod I have been working on casually since mid 2015 and I have decided to release it at some point due to rising popularity of the subject matter to provide an opportunity to play in Bakumatsu period Japan at the moment. The mod's content would probably be osp just because marty4286 made his content available to use, however I can't just give it away since most of it is taken from other sources or asked permission for. I would slightly discourage other modders to take content from this mod to make their own mod and I DO NOT ENCOURAGE any other modders to discontinue their own work on any Boshin War mods due to the existence of this mod.


Rising Sun is a mod based on the wonderful and much loved Gekokujo mod by marty4286 and uses much of its original content so 100% credit should be given to him for all of the content not added by this mod. Think of this mod as a sort of unofficial free dlc or expansion to the main module, a sub-mod. The mod is set during the late Bakumatsu - Boshin War period in Japan where Pro-Imperial and Pro-Shogunate forces battled with some foreign support for control of Japan.

This mod retains all the features incorporated in the Gekokujo mod such as Diplomacy and Freelancer

Also it is recommended you play this mod with battle sizer for battles with up to 1000 troops


  • Satsuma Domain
  • Choshu Domain
  • Tosa Domain
  • Tsu Domain
  • Aizu Clan
  • Tokugawa Shogunate
  • Nagaoka Clan
  • Jozai Domain
  • Nobeoka Clan
  • Takamatsu Domain
  • Sendai Domain
  • Kuwana Domain
  • Saga Domain
  • Amako Clan
  • Tsuruoaka Domain
  • Okayama Domain
  • Kofu Domain
  • Morioka Domain
  • Joseon Dynasty


  • A wide variety of period accurate firearms muzzle loading, breech loading and cartridge loaded
  • Pro-Imperial & Pro-Shogunate Factions
  • Foreign Troops e.g. U.S. Marines, French Marines, British Royal Marines
  • Smoother Ragdolls and Death Animations (Ragdolls must be enabled to play this mod)
  • Asymmetrical Warfare, unlike Gekokujo which has almost 100% balanced factions, clans and domains in Rising Sun will have very different weapons and equipment. Most Imperial factions will have vastly superior technology to the Shogunate factions however this will not always be the case.
  • Less focus on armour and heavy troops and more on weapon effectiveness. Historically during the Edo period the use of Armour decreased drastically as it was a time of relative peace overall.
  • More swords
  • Updated Map including the land on the other side of the sea if you know what I mean ;)

Content Sources:

  • Blood & Iron II OSP Content for all uniforms and a lot of essential firearms and firearm parts
  • Kengeki Gaiden Animations (Dead mod since 2011 which apparently also uses OSP Papas Animations and animations made by Dain Ironfoot)
  • Sounds compilation by Pylorama: All Japanese war cries and death sounds. Also credits to Treyarch and Antimatter games since I think most if not all of the sounds are from CoD: WaW and Rising Storm originally. (100% credit to him for war cries)
  • Bunroku mod (2 Jingasa meshes)
  • Napoleonic Wars DLC for some firearm bases
  • World Map HD v1.2

Not Finished Yet:

  • Lords
  • Troops - All factions have adequate troops, but some lack uniqueness
  • All clothing - I intend to add more clothing varieties and hakamas instead of just the Gekokujo samurai armour.
  • Foreign Troops - At the moment they are faction based, but I am considering making them very tiny separate factions or mercenaries. France and UK will definitely be in the game in some form or another and the United States and Prussia I will try and give at least 1 or 2 troops (probably only officers or advisors)
  • Changing the Module System (gotta learn python first)

This mod contains a large amount of content from other sources which I can't freely give away, but I listed them in content sources. The Gekokujo creator made his content free to use so I'll have the same sort of policy in his honour. Just give credit to me and all the original asset creators.

If you want to use my content and aren't sure if its alright just ask me or message me on anything I won't bite. ;)

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Rising Sun Progress

Rising Sun now having been back on track for a while now thanks to great new content sources (mainly the Blood & Iron II OSP content) is once again making some proper progress. I have replaced 100% of the old content with only a few items having placeholder meshes which themselves could actually become final.

At the moment I am still finishing up actual content (meshes, textures, maps) especially uniforms for more minor factions, but once that is done I can move on to the fun task of making all the troops redoing factions which will take some time, but not as long as the content. So pretty much what this means is I'm near completing the content and I'll soon move on to putting all together so this mod is one step closer to releasing.


While I'm working on this I thought it might be a good time to get any ideas from the community as you are the ones who will be playing the mod. Any ideas or information you have about the Boshin War that you want in the mod feel free to comment, however there is no guarantee that I will be able to include any of it at all so just be aware that 0% of this could be in the mod.

Also if you have any useful information about the Boshin War (Make sure its Boshin War not Satsuma Rebellion) you think isn't included or could be represented in the mod feel free to comment as well, just make sure you know what you are talking about not that anything bad will happen it just probably won't get in the mod. This includes information about uniforms or armies for clans and domains or even names of commanders from certain clans or domains which would be helpful in renaming the current Sengoku period lords. Please don't feel obliged to do this, but if its knowledge you already know or it's no trouble it would be helpful to just comment this stuff or message me just know that you would be getting nothing in return besides a chance of this information being put in the mod :)

note* for people who might contribute info to the mod just know the difference between the Satsuma Rebellion of 1877 and the Late Bakumatsu period (1858 - 1867) & Boshin War of 1868 - 1869.


More information from previous articles below:

Rising Sun

Originally I created this mod for myself because no Boshin War mods existed for Mount & Blade Warband and I was keen to blast away Samurai with revolvers and rapid firing rifles, but as the topic has proven popular and since the idea worked well I have decided to release its existence to the public.

However because I created it for myself I had only focused on the Satsuma, Choshu, Tosa Domains and only recently the Shogunate forces and there is much work to be done creating troops, npcs and factions. Almost all of the lords and knights need to be redone and many of the factions need to be remade.

Feedback and Ideas

If you have any ideas or feedback (negative or positive) of the modification be sure to comment it or get it out there I will almost definitely read it.

Dead Mod Concerns, Will this mod die?

No doubt some of you may worry that this project will die and there will never be a Boshin War mod for Mount & Blade: Warband, but fear not. Most likely I will continue work on this mod until at least a proper Boshin War experience is attained.

However in the event I don't I will release whatever exists as Rising Sun for the community to access and perhaps continue if they so desire however at the moment it is unlikely that will happen.

Plans for the Future (at the moment)

I plan for this mod to have fully completed factions and troops for a proper Boshin War experience. At the moment this mod is Singleplayer only however in the future it is possible for Multiplayer to be added. I attempt to stay realistic in the goals of this mod and not try and do something outlandish yet like promise to add a Gatling Gun or you know, Korea or the entire Qing China Mainland as a faction. I aim for this mod to simulate in some way 1860s tactics and the Bakumatsu warfare. Naval battles may become a possibility, but at the moment I have no idea.


I plan to update this as much as possible as I know how painful it is to wait months between news and updates for a mod so no worries there.

So thats is...... Thanks for all your support and have a good one boys and girls :)

Rising Sun back in business + Future

Rising Sun back in business + Future

News 8 comments

An outline of the plans for the future and news about the recent drama.

The Future of Rising Sun & Pre Alpha/Alpha Release

The Future of Rising Sun & Pre Alpha/Alpha Release

News 4 comments

An outline of the development of the Rising Sun mod including its past, the plans for the future and news about a possible Pre Alpha release.



News 14 comments

Rising Sun mod will NO LONGER be taken down ignore this article

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Rising Sun Single-player Alpha 1.0

Rising Sun Single-player Alpha 1.0

Full Version 27 comments

After 257 days of waiting its finally here... The first full release of Rising Sun Bakumatsu

[PLEASE DOWNLOAD] Rising Sun Patch 1.1

[PLEASE DOWNLOAD] Rising Sun Patch 1.1

Patch 32 comments

A patch for all the really terrible bugs that have been found and general bad things. Unfortunately no troop trees yet.

Rising Sun : Bakumatsu 1.2  troop tree fix/patch

Rising Sun : Bakumatsu 1.2 troop tree fix/patch

Patch 28 comments

PATCH FOR BAKUMATSU MOD NOT GEKOKUJO !!!!!!!! NEW UPDATE 11/10/2017 !!! NEW TROOP TREE , FIXED SOME LORDS CLOTHES , plus some tweaks Enjoy all credits...

Unofficial Rising Sun Patch + Troop Tree Viewer

Unofficial Rising Sun Patch + Troop Tree Viewer

Patch 16 comments

Includes an in-game Troop Tree Viewer and some bug fixes. Install AFTER patch 1.1.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 512)

is the mod alive? Can someone give me the link to the latest build?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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I've only just started playing this, but when 1868 rolls around is there some kind of Imperial restoration that occurs? Like does a faction emerge?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Helm8000 Creator

Unfortunately no.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ah, poop. So is there any real Imperial/Shogunate faction dynamic or is it roleplay only? I don't mind just curious if there's something I should be aiming for other than shooting samurai in the face with a revolver. Thanks for the reply and hard work!

Also, is there a legitimate way to get a Spencer rifle/carbine anymore? Using all the patches.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

When will be an update bro? looks like your enjoying playing bannerlord i presume hahahaha

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Furthermore to the comment I made below(ran out of character space), I hope to see some genuine Joseon dynasty armor, weapons, horses, and goods. It might be a bit of a burden to focus on Joseon, but remember Japan was quite involved in the Korean affairs in the mid-1800s, hence the Treaty of Ganghwa as well as the Donghak Peasant Revolution, which led to the Sino-Japanese War.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The entire Korean peninsula doesn't show; only half of it shows, and there's no Hanseong(in the location of current-day Seoul), the capital city of Joseon Dynasty. With just Busan as the main city of the Joseon Dynasty, it's difficult to gather weapons and resources, especially if you're allied or under the vassalage of that faction.

The terrains in the Korean peninsula aren't done, and the lord names of that faction are mainly Chinese.

I know there isn't much on Joseon Dynasty commanders, but I found some commander names from the French Invasion of Korea, which happened around the Boshin War times:
(On the right tab, you'll see the list of Joseon commanders who participated in defending the French campaign.)

Lady names of Joseon Dynasty need to be re-done. I suggest you put some realistic Korean surnames like Kim, Park, Gu, Byeon, and Oh.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Feedback to creator about balancing: Saga domain troops are equipped with spencer rifles. I don't know why such a low tier troop would have access to repeating rifles. I managed to have 50 saga domain troops mow down hundreds of samurai within a minute of them getting into range -- and considering how accurate spencer rifles are, that's quite a long range. Not a single samurai even came into range to use their bow.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Helm8000 Creator

Yeah thanks, I have heard a lot about Spencer rifles being OP. I made a new method of calculating damage for the firearms, the caliber + the weight in grams, the velocities will be real life ones and the accuracy is based loosely on effective range. So now guns like the Enfield will be useful since although the Enfield and Spencer are both around 57 caliber rounds, the Enfield will have more range, damage, accuracy. All the guns should be scaled fairly with one another in the new release.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Just to clarify. Spencer rifles are not my problem. My problem is that low tier Saga domain troops have them. I even think spencer rifles would be alright if they were equipped on elite top of the line skirmisher troops.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Helm8000 Creator

I can't find any Saga domain or linked troop with Spencer rifles, can you tell me which troop has them? I'm remaking the mod anyway, but I just want to know.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Saga Infantry and Saga Veteran Infantry are the names in your troop tree.

It's under the Saga Villager tree: Saga Villager -> Saga Spearman -> Saga Infantry.

If you would notice, the saga infantry and saga veteran infantry have superior equipment compared to the higher tier troops.


Also another mistake I saw: Nagaoka Trained Spearman is equipped with a Kunitomo Teppo even though he doesn't have any bullets which make me think he shouldn't have a teppo at all.


I must also say that gunpowder skirmishers are currently pointless in this mod since their muskets are inferior in accuracy or damage compared to the line infantry. Skirmishers are meant to be the snipers/hunter type units, but they're worse in shooting than regular line infantry, and they also don't have bayonets.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Helm8000 Creator

For the Saga Spencer rifle this seems to be an edit not made by me. I found it in the 1.2 patch made by community, but not my original version or 1.1 patch. I can't really do anything to fix it other than say just don't use the 1.2 patch. I never realised they changed things in the mod.

In my new version (I'm remaking) I removed the old script that caused all skirmisher units to be given a matchlock or yumi bow so that shouldn't happen for the new version.

I overhauled gunpowder weapons as I said and I will make sure its balanced in the new version.

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I'm so happy that this mod finally has a release! Finally, a Boshin War mod for M&B Warband! I love this time period so much. EDIT: Review below is based on the unofficial 1.2 patch -I'm playing with the Satsuma domain for the most part, and I still notice "Trained Imperial Infantry" spawning without any weapons, so they just run at the enemy swinging their fists. Also, some Imperial infantry still sometimes spawn without pants. I looked at the troop trees and they've improved for the most part…

Aug 7 2017 by UltraElectroMagnetic

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