Rise of the Reds – or ROTR for short – improves upon the C&C Generals formula while also adding its own distinct elements to it. Most notably, the mod adds two completely new factions, the tank-heavy Russian Federation and the defence-oriented European Continental Alliance. In addition, the three original factions China, USA and GLA have been greatly expanded and redesigned in a variety of ways, with several new units, buildings, powers and abilities to explore and combine in your in-game tactics.

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(Edited april 2014)
Down from 10. Seems to be getting a lot of needless diversity between generals, despite the devs having said they don't want that. Units and structures are becoming more and more specialised, so you need huge armies/bases if you want to cover vulnerabilities.
That said, I feel the units from earlier C&C games were added just for the sake of adding them, without them fulfilling a clear and needed role and function. That's a real shame.
Still, the overall quality of the content and the whole mod is amazing and I'd still play 2.0 all day all night long.

(Edited october 2014)
Down from 8. Adding more and more redundant units, simply combinations of already existing units and roles. Giving all the factions a very broad arsenal, reducing the focus on their strategical and tactical strengths. (What's with the aircraft-melting laser turret on the U.S.? Don't they already have Protectors, Avengers, Chaparrals and, above all, Raptors? Isn't stuff like this for the ECA, e.g. Wotan Array?)
The quality of individual units, structures and all content is really amazing, but the whole of the cake is slowly collapsing under all these decorations.

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awesome mod, with lots of potential rivaling some of the best mods.

the fact that its still in development speaks wonders of whats to come.

Jan 10 2011 by 501General