Rise of the Crime Lords is a mod that adds the Black Sun Syndicate and The Hutt Cartel as playable factions without replacing existing ones, and with multiple additions to the existing ones as well as adding some new unplayable ones. retexturing, coding, idea, research, text, icons etc by: vjeko1701 (me) in the "other readmes" map are the readmes of the mods by other modders used in my mod Sorry if I forgot someone because I had some of these stuff a long time on my computer, but I believe that I've credited everyone. Vjeko1701

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Great mod. Love the unique units and buildings.

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A truly fantastic mod. Adds two fully playable factions that might be a bit lacking in units, but still playable nonetheless. Still a few bugs but I imagine they'll be fixed. I recommend playing it.

Apr 24 2013 by Giveaway412