This mod completely overhauls the game. Each age now feels more extended and isn't rushed, as well as gameplay is more strategic than just spamming units from production facilities. It is best used in multiplayer. It also tries to re-balance the entire game and add unique units to underwhelming nations and take away unique units from overpowered ones. ATTENTION STEAM USERS: A STEAM-FRIENDLY VERSION HAS BEEN RELEASED ON THE STEAM WORKSHOP. READ THE BELOW ARTICLES FOR INFO.

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AI improvements and many balance fixes in this update.

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  • AI OVERHAUL 1.5 (script)
    • an AI script is now available which significantly improves the challenge and economic capabilities of the AIs (HUGE thanks to Tark for writing the script!)
      • to use it, enable it in the scripts section (bottom of hosted lobby)
      • the script also shouldn't cause desyncs in multiplayer (hopefully...not fully tested yet)
    • somewhat fixed naval AI
      • the AI should at least build SOME ships on semi-naval maps (like Mediterranean)
  • lowered armageddon counter
  • lowered capital re-capture timer
  • lowered attrition damage
  • slightly raised movement speed for all units


  • Chinese
    • science discount now 33%
  • Egyptians
    • wonder discount now 40%
    • can no longer build wonders an age earlier (too powerful)
    • 14/16/18 farms per city
  • Greeks
    • library research now 25% cheaper and 40% faster
  • Iroquois
    • infantry HP bonus now 25%
    • woodcutters gather 3 food each
    • removed spear infantry speed bonus (wasn't working anyway..)
  • Koreans
    • receive +6 extra citizens at start, +8 for all future cities
    • tower discount now 66%
    • repair is now 66% faster

  • Lakota
    • food bonus per unit now +10
  • Mongols
    • mounted units now 40% cheaper
    • free ranged cavalry bonuses now 2 at start, 3 with 2 mil. res., 4 with 3 mil. res.

  • Romans
    • heavy infantry now 33% cheaper and 66% faster to train


  • Flamethrowers
    • now 3 units
    • lowered damage
    • lowered range
  • Recruits/Cadets/Army Reserve
    • train time lowered
    • now take 1 pop


  • Border Security Forces
    • fixed arm animation bug

Thank you!

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