The ultimate mediaeval history experience for RoN.

Gendarme, WIP (view original)

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We all often think of cosplay being a modern development, but in reality, its roots are much, much deeper than we think.

Posted here is the WIP image of a French gendarme, dressed in "Roman" armour. Towards the late mediaeval period, it was often commonplace for knights to dress up as their favourite classical heroes or as Romans. Here we have tried to recreate a mediaeval-era assumption of what Roman soldiers must have worn, by integrating various parts of mediaeval armour together, such as brigandines, etched pauldrons, and very fancy kettle hats. Although knights are often associated with fancier-looking great helms, there is some evidence that kettle hats were popular, especially for campaigning in southern Europe and the Middle East - it was said that Saint Louis once switched his great helm while on crusade for a kettle hat, since the great helm prevented him from breathing properly.