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Blargoon says

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Nice work, makes the game complete.
Just fix those visual matters quick or get aid for it, so it looks cool! (Unique flags for the Bulgarians and icons)


vicentegalvao666 says

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Great changes to make the gameplay more dynamic. No longer you have to play 140 turns to get better troops. Settlement defenses are actually useful and so are the arches in the walls (They can actually put fire in the siege engines(!).

Most of the many changes are good and gives a brand new experirnce to Stainless Steel. I've played bassicaly all mod available to MTW2 and this one was very satisfying.


Jungala says

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Perfect, been looking for something like this for a long time


Brankling says

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The best medieval mod for 14th century Europe.


PekoBG says

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An actual insult to Bulgaria and Bulgarian history. Just wait for real mods like Tsardoms and TGC, which actually are respectful and profesionaly made, and don't waste your time with this... 'thing' like i did.


Wallachian says

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Great mod with welcome updates


gelolololo says

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