Right to the Throne is a short adventure focused on smooth action. Dialogues are snappy and your choices of replies are fewer. The overall plot is being told by our actions.


The original version of the adventure has been fully produced by one person, Piotr 'Petteros' Joźwiak. Soon after that, Petteros joined the team and started working with us on our projects. After some time we began thinking about polishing his adventure. The biggest changes can be seen in the main quests, which now make the plot flow seamlessly. And the gameplay itself is more pleasant with the completely new soundtrack. We improved dialogues, added new graphics. And an english version as well.

Languages: English, Polish
Play time: 1 hour


  • an adventure focused on action
  • custom soundtrack
  • 3 new collectioner cards
  • View media
RSS Articles

Changes made since version 1.0
1. English localization.
2. Custom soundtrack.
3. 3 sex cards.
4. Walkthrough.
5. "All's for sale" quest.
6. Inner decorations of the Inn, Wolves' Den and Outskirts.
7. Minimap.
8. Retexture of the Wolf Master.
9. Number of oneliners increased from 21 to 68.

1. Improving the adventure's gameplay through touching up the quests and dialogues.
2. Numerous corrections of the story and text.
3. Dozen of technical issues resolved.
4. Stores' contents changed.
5. A number of 2D graphic elements corrected.
6. A change in rewards in the quest "Dryad".
7. Now we enter a fist fight with Biezuj, not a sword fight.

RSS Files
version v1.1.2  - English, Polish

version v1.1.2 - English, Polish

Full Version

I just packed adventure file and extra media together. No updates in adventure itself.

version v1.1.1  - English, Polish

version v1.1.1 - English, Polish

Full Version

This is the bugfix release. Language versions: English, Polish. Walkthroughs included.

Right to the Throne Soundtrack

Right to the Throne Soundtrack


Music from the adventure Right to the Throne. All tracks was composed for needs of this adventure.

version v1.1 - English, Polish

version v1.1 - English, Polish

Full Version

Language versions: English, Polish. Walkthroughs included.


Is this any good? Has anyone tried this out?

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is this the language of the game or is it also in english?

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Always too dark too see anything and limited content to see this vid so whats the point?

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niewiele jest polskich modów na mod db ;-) mod fajny tylko dajcie więcej zdięć

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