Started most of a year ago, this mod has grown from affecting a single civilization in Fall from Heaven 2, to adding entire new civilizations, changing most if not all, and adding completely new mechanics to the game.

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Simply, perfect fantasy mod.


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Ashes of Erebus is, above and beyond everything else, an immersive, TBS, fantasy experience. (I must give due credit to the base Fall from Heaven II mod, though.) It’s better, in my opinion, than any fantasy 4X since, including the likes of Age of Wonders III or even Endless Legend (although the latter comes very close).

Incredible depth has been achieved with the diverse civilisations, beautiful and bustling fantasy world, and responsive game mechanisms like the Armageddon Counter. AoE’s contribution of improved flavour starts, expansion of unique city graphics, improved AI, and expanded alignments (among other additions) go a long way to rounding out what FfH2 started.

But. It’s still lacking polish in some areas. The artwork is spot-on, but the lore – one of FfH2’s strengths – is becoming patchy. The Civilopedia, while generally informative, has holes. There are text-holders in some in-game pop-ups. The game crashes more frequently than I’d like, and I sometimes have to load a save a few times before it works. Honestly, a lot of this is more noticeable than it might be in a comparable mod because a lot of the other additions are so well done.

When all is said and done, though, I really do feel like I’m at the helm of an immortal race of Romans ready to reconquer Erebus. And that’s what Ashes of Erebus is all about.


this mod is just awsome!!!


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Best game I ever played!


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It's a great mod, that adds some great things to FFH2. I personally play the Mazatl and I love their dynamic with jungles! Best mod I've played by far in combination with FFH2!

My head almost exploded when I found this updated version of the Fall From Heaven II mod. Just when I thought things would never get better, they did. This is an incredible update for an already incredible mod franchise. If I were to play only one Civ 4 mod for the rest of my life, it would be this one!


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