This mod aims to stop snowballing by allowing towns to revolt if they're unhappy under the current leadership.

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News 1 comment

When you launch the mod for the first time, each town will be assigned a loyalty to its current owner. When said towns are taken over, loyalty decreases by a base of -5. When it gets low enough, revolution progress will start building up, eventually changing hands.

It works best with a new game or a game where one faction hasn't dominated yet.

Current features:

  • Loyalty to original town owner (at campaign launch)
  • Revolt once the revolt progress reaches 100%
  • New town screen

Planned features:

  • After a certain time, town will become loyal to its new owner, or at least loyalty penalties will be reduced.
  • Interaction with revolt mechanic (such as inciting revolts).
  • More interactive revolt (battle, or garrison changes)
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Revolutions 0.2

Revolutions 0.2

Full Version

Introduces a compatibility fix with other mods that use custom saving classes. No longer compatible with version 0.1

Revolutions v0.1

Revolutions v0.1

Full Version

Revolutions main module. Place in your modules folder. If you get an error at launch, ensure you unblock the mod's dlls.

idenr - - 1 comments

Hi, can you fix, that this mod broke savegames and make them unloadable if mod turned off.
Or, can i change loyalty debuff by myself?
End some idea for mod - make rebellion look like fight between city's militia and garrison(+nearest lord's army)

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Eidgeniesser - - 1 comments

How are you progressing? One user commented that revolution makes holding a castle impossible. For now I'd even think thats acceptable as my main concern is the campaign ending after three years. I was more concernded that it wouldn't be enough.

So with this mod the town returns to their old faction or starts a new one?

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Guest - - 699,639 comments

As it is this mod makes it impossible to hold a settlement, as the city immediately starts revolting once you capture it, even if settlement morale(loyalty) is positive. and it also breaks the save game if you try to uninstall it, as it does not load the save without this mod.

DO NOT install this mod unless you want to play without holding any towns/castles.

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KoKoRoToHD - - 23 comments

Nice job, is there a feature or any plannings in sabotage a city so they revolt faster? maybe as a roguery skill?

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zkajo Creator
zkajo - - 1 comments

I intend to expand it quite a lot, so we'll definitely see some kind of interaction.

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