Stargate: Revenge of the Fallen is a Battlefield 2142 Modification. It takes place after Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis. Story: A Goa'uld takes over a Prior and with him some of the last followers of the Ori. Together with his fellow Jaffa and the help of the Lucian Alliance he attacks the Tau'ri. A new Confict arises. Defend and Attack important places, both in Pegasus and the Milkyway to fulfill your destiny.

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Again a month has passed and many things happened. Read the full Article to know more.

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Anmerkung an unsere deutschen Leser: Eine Deutsche Version dieser News ist wie immer auf unserem Blog abrufbar.

Hello Community,
Again a month full of work has passed and here we are again with the stuff we've made in this month. Animations are going well, even tough some obstacles were "decorating" our path. But not only the weapons are almost finished. Our maplist is now final and the design for bases and outposts have reached this stage too. In addition our PlfH or also known as "utility man" Lantian managed to create a fully operational Titan Map.

However, after we successfully implemented the 304 and the Hatak as a working titan, we are now starting to build up the interior. Dozens of consoles, corridors and gimmicks are already moddeled and ready to be textured and exported.

Captains ChairHatak Corridor - WIPHatak Hangarbay - WIP

Please note, that these aren't the final textures and the pictures are just renders. Shown is only the most basic texture and a small lighttest.

No new month without some news out of our effectssection. Our effects-engineer Ice did a pretty good job on the launcheffects of the rocketlaunchers, as well as explosioneffects for the capitalships. In addition he refined some spawneffects namely the Asgard-Beam-Effect.

M72LAW Fire EffectHatak DeatheffectAT4 Fireeffect

But enough eyecandy for now, let's get to the important part. The results of our small Community Contest.

The 1st place, with it a slot in our betatests, as well as a renderpicture of his device and his name written on it in ancient goes to NCC-1701. Congratulations! But we wouldn't be ourselves if we wouldn't respect our Community. The second place, with the username Mattjes will also recieve a slot in the beta and a renderpic. Again congratulations to you two and keep an eye open for the upcoming renders. It may take a while till they reach you, because the texturing will take some time but they will come.

Last but not least we would like to ask for your help. As you might know, we are a very small team who has a lot of work to do so we need help as soon as possible. We are looking for Texture-Artists (or former Skinners) and for Animation-Artists. Meaning people who can work with 3ds Max 9 and Photoshop/Gimp.

We know that there won't be any offer without a service in return. All members of our team are naturally participants in all upcoming Alpha-Tests of the Mod. In addition we have our own Mod-Server and a TS3-Server running on our root. So if you would like to help us and be a part of the Team, then just write an application via PM on ModDB to Lantian or xxdabtxx or just start a topic on our forums.

What should it contain?:

  • Languages you are able to speak (At least German or English, otherwise noone in the Team would understand you).
  • A short summary of your skills and why you want to be a part of the Team
  • Ways to Contact you (Messenger: ICQ, Xfire, Jabber, MSN p.e.).
  • The CORRECT designation of your kind of skill. So Animator, Texture-Artist, "Guy who can do sth. with Photoshop" (Please note, that one of our Teammembers is doing CG-Stuff, so if you mean "Skinning" in terms of creating a Texture and Map it to a Model, then please write "Textur-Artist" to prevent misunderstandings).

As soon as we recieve your application and we held our team-intern meating you'll be invited to a short conversation on our TS3 Server and you'll get a short job to demonstrate your skills to us.

In addition you'll have the Chance to send in your questions via PM on ModDB or post them in the comments. They will be answered in a short FAQ Video, which will come together with the next newspost at the end of August.

We wish you a nice summer,
your RotF-Dev Team.


very nice :]
cant wait for it!!

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excellence :)

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xxdabtxx Creator

we createte the name for the mod for 2 yeahrs ago that is only what i say to you.

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Lantian. Author

What he is trying to say: This Mod is under development for two years by now. And the decision for the Name had to do nothing with the Transformers movie, which wasn't even announced in germany at the time we came up with the name.
You can take the title literally. It's the revenge of all the fallen enemies of the Tau'ri so we used this name.
Any other comment pointing to the Transformers Movie, anywhere on this Mod's Pages will be deleted. We have nothing to do with Transformers and will never have. Period.

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I'm with you guys. All I meant is that it's a shame that Transformers 2 used that title. I apologize for implying you were doing something wrong. Sincerely, I wish you the best of luck with development. I will track the mod and give it a try when it's released. Cheers! :)

edit: Whoops, meant to Reply to Lantian and xxdabtxx.

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Bl00drav3n Creator

Haha, don't take them seriously, they're drunk most of the time. :D *joke* ^^
Thanks for the wishes. :)

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Lantian. Author

Ah. Okay. Well after the millionth time someone refers to Transformers you slowly get a bit annoyed.^^
My comment wasn't meant as an attack either.
The last paragraph was kind of a general announcement. ;)
Anyways, thanks for the wishes.^^

And before I forget it: *Slaps Bl00drav3n with a big old fish* ;P

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