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Aug 23 2011 Anchor
Revamp Balance Mod
Author : OverRated

Version 1.01 02/03/11
• Fixed a desync problem
• Improved merge file structure
• Aegis Shield lowered in cost

Version 1.0 27/02/11

Mod Support Information
• The Infinite War Battle Pack DLC is supported
• Revamp Expansion Mod
• To be used with SC2 Mod Manager

Experimental Changes
• All Minor Experimentals have been x5 in health damage regen and cost, Movement speeds have been lowered

• All Major Experimentals have been x10 in health damage regen and cost, Movement speeds have been lowered

Nukes Changes
• MaxStorage Changed to 3
• Damage has been increased
• Build time of 300
• Now costs 10500 Energy 3000 Mass

Anti Nukes Changes
• MaxStorage Changed to 5
• InitialStored Changed to 1
• Build time of 200
• Now costs 6000 Energy 1400 Mass

Other Changes
• Mass Extractors now have a ProductionPerSecondMass of 2
• Energy Generators now have a ProductionPerSecondEnergy of 3
• Mass Converters now have a ProductionPerSecondMass of 0.5
• Shield Max health changed to 20000 and regen changed to 150
• Boomerang now has a build time of 120 and costs 50 research points to unlock and MaxStorage Changed to 3

Edited by: OverRated

Sep 12 2011 Anchor

in a future UPDATE please increase storage of the noah and the rate of fire in the disrupter!
Also did you add the mavor?

Sep 13 2011 Anchor

If your after your own balance just create a balance mod its not hard to do .


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