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May 20 2013 Anchor

As many of you (I hope :) ) know, in my RVE addon the tech tree will be re-made. However, there are a couple ideas that I've gotten, but I don't really know which one to pick, and as I'm biased towards my own idea, I need this community to ... help me decide. Which plan do you think is the best, or do you have your own idea (if so, please share it)

Create a tier-based tech tree. Unit/Structures will each have an assigned tech; once you unlock that tech,
you may unlock any unit/building in that tech individually. Abilities will also work in a similar manner,
however, abilities will not be assigned techs, the will be grouped. For example, researching the "weapon
abilities" tech will unlock access to all of the weapon-related upgrades.

For an example:

This tech tree would have all units removed. Instead, the tree will consist only of ability and structure
unlocks. When you unlock an ability or structure, you may also unlock certain units with it. For example,
a "Energy Boost" ability unlock may also unlock a mobile power generator (not saying that there will be

More ideas will be added if there are any. Also, keep in mind that unit balance will not change, no matter what the tech tree option is.

Well, I'd say that this has been decided. The tech tree WILL be structured with tier levels.

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