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May 13 2013 Anchor

You can never get rid of me! :devil: Anyway, the deal is, I'm porting new explosion effects (which are looking pretty darn awesome) but for some units, as you know, it isn't as easy as simply changing the death table in the unit bp. For the death threads for those special units, my bane has been this:

I change this:

CreateExplosionDebris02 = function( self, army )

CreateExplosionDebris02 = function( self, army )
CreateEmittersAtEntity( self, army, EffectTemplates.Explosions.Land.UEFStructureDestroyEffectsExtraLarge01, false, 1.4 * EmitterScale )

Sorry, that's pretty messed up. But still readable. To this:

CreateExplosionDebris02 = function( self, army )
CreateEmittersAtEntity( self, army, EffectTemplates.Explosions.Land.UEFMedLargeStructureDeath, false, 1.4 * EmitterScale )

However, this doesn't make my effects appear. (This is for the UEF factory, if it helps.) The explosion effect DOES work, when it is on non-custom-death-threaded buildings. What else do I need to do to make the effects appear. (Also, I did put UEFMedLargeStructureDeath in the factory's death table as well...)

May 18 2013 Anchor

Are you adding the new effect tables in EffectTemplates ? also you need to change the damage effects the script as well for some units these also need to be added into EffectTemplates.


May 18 2013 Anchor

Right. I think I may have misled you some in my book that I wrote above :).

Explosion effects for most units are working FINE. I've put them in the effect templates, got all the paths right, and edited the unit's BP death tables. Also used the "explosioneffectscale" command you told me about multiple times.

Anyway, those units are good and well. As you said, however, some units need a change in their script. My basic questions is "how do you change the scripts so that they use my explosion effects"? I made a couple basic attempts, all like the one that I put in my first post, but that didn't work, because I wouldn't have made this thread if it did.

wait...I just had a bit of an...epiphany...for the unit scripts, do you need to put the effects in the effecttemplates into EffectTemplates = { Explosions = { Units = { ? (Sorry, that looked pretty wierd, but best I can do to illustrate the path).


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May 24 2013 Anchor

Yes you need to hook the units script and also have your effects added into EffectTemplates then you need to changed the effect calls in the units scripts to what ever you names yours so (UEFStructureDestroyEffectsExtraLarge02 ) to (NEWEFFECTNAME) and also have it under the same tables as the old effect to .

		for k, v in EffectTemplates.Explosions.Land.UEFStructureDestroyEffectsExtraLarge02 do
			CreateAttachedEmitter ( self, -2, self:GetArmy(), v ):OffsetEmitter( 0, 0, 7 )

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