Resurgence: The Union goes back to Black Mesa Research Facility to dig into the yet untold tale of one of the survivors during the feral day when Resonance Cascade incident occured. Darryl Brooks - a Security Force officer stranded alone in the now hostile environment is forced to decide whether to save his own life or follow the rules of his initial job and save the others.

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Today we dive into a VERY exciting announcement, sharing the future of our game with you.

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Hello, long time no hear. We have promised an update in the first quarter of 2019 and even though we are 1 day late, we think it was worth the wait. Let's not waste anymore time and dive into today's BEEFY update!

As you may know, we have had some struggles with development in the past but that is not the case anymore. We are happy to announce that we have been approached by Epic Games in order to bring the best out of Resurgence. Because of that we are excited to announce our most original and unique idea so far!

Yes, that's right! I bet you didn't see THAT one coming did you? We know our fans will be extremly happy about this development and since according to our long time friends at EA singleplayer games are becoming obsolete, we have decided to scrap the entire boring campaign in favor of this revolutionary gamemode. Now, you're thinking "but how is that even gonna work?" Well, let me tell you!

Resurgence Battle Royale is going to drop you on the absolute BIGGEST map in the history of anything you have ever heard of. Utilizing the latest version of Source Engine, our map stretches to whopping 250sq meters (whoa!) Don't worry, it won't make your computers explode as it is specifically designed and optimized for the latest generation Intel integrated video cards (another sponsor!)
The game will drop you and another 126 players into this map, full of danger and excitement you have never even dreamed of. Need a gun to kill your enemies with? Easy, just climb up a tree and use your Loot Crate key in order to access exciting loot (keys will be sold as microtransaction). Need a ride? Easy, just jump on a tricycle bike and run over your enemies with it. Need friends to play with? Don't worry, our Battle Royale is the first ever to exclusivly pitch you against a variety of bots! You don't need those filthy humans to ruins your experience, am I right?

On top of that, we are going to grace you with unbeliveably extensive customization options. Now you can be whoever you always wanted to be! So good! You can customize the look of individual bots aswell, available only if you pre-prepurchase our Ultimate Deluxe Premium Elite Uber Edition, available now for only $299.99! If you are going to place your order within next 15 minutes, we are going to add a stainless steel pan FOR FREE!

Resurgence Battle Royale will premiere on June 31st exclusively on Epic Games Store. If you want to get most of the game, we encourage you to preorder our Ultimate Deluxe Premium Elite Uber Edition, which will provide you with access to 43 DLC packs aswell as 5 Resurcoins (our real money ingame currency which you can buy cosmetic items with). Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you in the battle (or at least the bots do)

In all seriousness now, our team has expanded a bit since the last blog post (we not a skeleton crew anymore, now we're just a bit bigger than a skeleton crew!) and we are happy to report that the development is going fairly well. We do not have any major announcements as of right now, and we know that we teased a very big update for over a year now... we were hoping to make it happen in the first half of this year but it might be pushed back a little bit as we are still working on some things which require polishing before we can share it with you. One word of clarification we want to make though: the big update that is coming is NOT a premiere of the game. Think of it more as a re-reveal where we are going to give you some proper details about the final iteration of Resurgence which we are working on since 2017, aswell as some new media. One thing I can say for sure: even tho I do not like hyping things up or being overly confident, I think that it is safe to say the this update might be a solid contender for the biggest pre-release community update in the history of Half-Life modding (or maybe even game modding in general, who knows?)
We are going to let you know ahead of time when we will be planning to release this update, but for now thanks for sticking around and have a nice day!


WOW! I cannot wait for Resurgence Battle Royale Ultimate Deluxe Premium Elite Uber Edition exclusively on Epic Games Store with a Steam release being pushed back to one year later!

But for realz tho, take your time if you need any. Making mods is not easy and time consuming too so I’ll be waiting for it! Keep it up!

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JackPhoenix Author

Since our team did grow a little bit, we are now capable of picking up the pace a bit PLUS we've been working on this incarnation of the game since 2017 and we really want to finally show it to you. We've been dragging this for too long anyway, so despite lack of a proper premiere this year is still going to be a big one for both us and our followers ;)

Thanks for your support!

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So this is going to be an offline battle royale game? wtf...

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JackPhoenix Author

The real question is: how come no one has thought of this before?

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