Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles is a survival horror mod for Call to Arms that aims to create a new atmosphere in the Mow series, wich you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try.

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Resident Evil : AC to the Unreal Engine ? (view original)

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Hey guys !

Long time no see, I know ... Haven't work on the mod for at least 6 months, I got so bored with the MoW engine and the lack of possibilites for a Resident Evil like game.

In the meantime I tried my hands on the Unreal Development Kit 4 (Udk4), and I was wondering "Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles on this engine ? Why the hell not".
So i started this little project, I just finished mapping the mansion (it looks awesome), I already have a couple characters (like this new version of chris). But no scenario or real mission/script at the moment.

So here is my question :

Are you interested in a portage of the mod to the Unreal Engine ?

If so, please leave a comment or pm me, and if by any luck you have some skills in landscape mapping, and scripting with udk4, please tell me !

PS : anybody know how the copyright works if I port this to the unreal engine ? As it will be a standalone game, even as it will be free, I'm pretty sure I'll have some copyrights problems ...

Cheers guys, and thanks for reading !

No copyright infringement intended, the model can't be used in any other game.