Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles is a survival horror mod for Men of War Assault Squad that aims to create a new atmosphere in the Mow series, wich you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try. ( Ce mod est aussi Francophone )

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The mercenaries bonus mod. (Games : Men of War: Assault Squad : Mods : Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles : Forum : The Mercenaries : The mercenaries bonus mod.) Locked
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May 12 2012 Anchor

This is actually a bonus mod, aiming to recreat the same experience you had in Resident Evil 4 & 5.

Let's take a look, first of all, the characters :

Chris Redfield

In his BSAA suit, Chris Refield is a flexible character that can adapt himself to all the situation.

Equipment :
M92f (pistol) + 50 ammo
Ithaca M37 (shotgun) + 30 ammo
5 Grenades
1 First Aid Spray

Albert Wesker

All the Resident Evil fans love Wesker, so I've try to give him a very powerfull equipment.

Equipment :
Samurai Edge (pistol) + 30 ammo
S&W m29 (magnum)
Hydra (shotgun) + 30 ammo

Jill Valentine

She carrys simple but effective weapons, and with her spray and grenades, she can survive everywhere.

Equipment :
Sig P226 (pistol) + 50 ammo
H&K Mp5 (machine gun) + 150 ammo
5 Grenades
1 First Aid Spray

Claire Redfield

Claire has the most powerfull weapons (specialy her sniper rifle) but she need a more flexible partner to fully kick zombies ass !

Equipment :
LR300 (machine gun) + 100 ammo
M21 (sniper rifle) + 30 ammo
5 Incendiary grenades

And then, the maps, there will be the 5 maps of the last version + 5 new maps !


The Suburbs





Raccon Town

Umbrella Outpost

The Crash



School Yard


Silent Valley


Hell's Gate

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