Your mission is to rescue an imprisoned scientist so that he may continue his research on Xen... there will be alot of obstacles in the way and you may have to use stealth to get to him because the base is completetly occupied by military.

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HPB says

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For some reason the changelevel didn't work.


Weperlol says

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A short mod to pass time, it's a major improvement from Tylak compared to his previous mod. the level design is ok but there are a few flaws I noticed. and it uses stealth which is cool :P

and Also I had to turn Dev mode on to give myself weapons because the map loading was broken.


5days says

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lol blood


A-Fake-Identity says

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The map design was okay, nothing spectacular... it was kinda fun, but there were MANY flaws I just cannot overlook! Every time I get to the next map, I have to change the map in the console and put impulse 101 because I get stuck outside the map! I couldn't put in noclip or kill because it said I was already dead. Whenever I load up Res2 everything that isn't part of the map becomes invisible, you also should've taken the time to put checkpoints around, because somewhere around Res2 there's a room with hanging boxes and the only way to get passed on your first try is to be a psychic! The boxes will break when touched and you must jump to the next one as soon as the other breaks! But let's not forget the ending... everything was fine until you said: "Einstein has been rescued"

Einstein? I laughed like a fool when I saw that.
I don't want to offend you or anything, but I just had to point that out...

This could've been a lot better.


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